John Boyega To Star In Captain Marvel 2?

Captain Marvel 2 is casting. Is John Boyega up for this famous role?

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Captain Marvel 2 is undergoing its preproduction phase well, and we’ve had confirmations about Brie Larson resuming the role of Carol Danvers, who won’t fly alone in the upcoming sequel. Marvel Studios already confirmed Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan’s appearance in Captain Marvel 2, and they put out a call for a John Boyega-type actor for a role that still hasn’t been disclosed. Will the charming runaway stormtrooper John Boyega himself change franchises and star in Captain Marvel 2?

The casting call says that the studio is seeking a Michael B. Jordan/John Boyega-type actor for the role whose description lines up with the character of Dr. Adam Brashear, also known as the Blue Marvel. Admittedly that’s just a speculation, and while many Marvel Comic characters fit Michael B. Jordan/John Boyega’s description, Blue Marvel seems like the most viable choice.

Michael B. Jordan certainly isn’t the actor Marvel Studios is after, due to Jordan’s fantastic portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and the actor’s possible return to the said role in future sequels. John Boyega’s involvement is uncertain but also unlikely. Still, according to the MarvelStudioSpoilers community on Reddit, Boyega is likely to appear as Blue Marvel in Captain Marvel 2, though this isn’t officially confirmed by either Boyega or Marvel Studios.

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The casting call was purposefully vague to prevent spoilers about the role in question. However, the appearance of Blue Marvel has been teased in WandaVision, referencing an aerospace engineer in connection to Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum. The referenced character hasn’t been revealed in the WandaVision series, and it’s improbable that he ever will if the studio intends to introduce it in the next Captain Marvel movie.

On the other side, given the casting call’s secrecy and vagueness about the role, fans theorize several characters’ possible appearances, including Reed Richards, Patriot, Nova, or Blue Marvel. Granted, Monica Rambeau’s appearance surely warrants a mention of Blue Marvel and their possible appearance on the big or small screens.

The John Boyega type character certainly has ties to Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau (who also appears in the Doctor Strange sequel) and wields powers similar to those of Carol Danvers. But who will be the actor portraying the aerospace engineer in question? Well, we’re still waiting for the official confirmation. In all honesty, John Boyega did great in Star Wars, and the role of Blue Marvel would fit him nicely.  

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Though unlikely, seeing John Boyega as Blue Marvel wouldn’t be surprising given the actor’s good-standing relationship with Disney, who acquired Marvel back in 2009. It was speculated that Boyega left Lucasfilm and Disney on bad terms after he was relieved of his stormtrooper duties, but whose speculations were later disproven.

Still, John Boyega’s to-do list doesn’t contain any future Star Wars appearances, and the actor might be looking for a change. A possible changing of the franchise? Maybe. With the release of Captain Marvel 2 scheduled for 2022, we can only speculate and wait for Marvel Studios to reveal the mysterious role and the actor behind it.