Coyote vs. Acme Plot Leaks In Full And It’s Perfect

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Coyote vs Acme

Coyote vs. Acme, the scrapped live-action/animated legal comedy from director Dave Green, has had its entire plot leaked online. The story follows Looney Tune’s character, Wile E. Coyote, who decides to sue the Acme Corporation after every product he purchased to catch the Road Runner backfired. A down-and-out billboard human lawyer represents Coyote and the pair quickly become friends.

Coyote vs. Acme Plot

The Coyote vs. Acme leak doesn’t include the entire screenplay, but it does feature a play-by-play of the movie. The film is set in a world where humans and animated characters coexist.

The story begins when Kevin Avery (Will Forte), a once-ambitious lawyer now settling small cases, reluctantly takes on Coyote’s case after one of his elaborate plans to catch the Road Runner fails.

Exposing Acme

As The Coyote vs. Acme unfolds, Coyote secretly submits several complaints, exposing Acme’s dangerous products. The trial becomes a comedic struggle, with a no-nonsense judge and Coyote’s cartoon antics causing chaos.

Avery’s niece Paige eventually discovers “Project Sisyphus,” revealing Acme’s sinister plan to exploit cartoon physics, endangering animated characters for human benefit.

Digging deeper into Acme’s operations, they encounter Dr. Lorre, a cartoon character whom Acme imprisoned after he discovered their unethical practices.

Coyote Becomes Inspirational

Avery delivers a passionate speech denouncing Acme, escalating the case to a Congressional inquiry. Facing bankruptcy and personal challenges, Avery and Coyote navigate traps set by Acme and finally reveal the corporation’s deceit.

Coyote vs. Acme then sees a climactic Congressional hearing in which Coyote’s resilience inspires Avery to confront Acme. When the case is dismissed, the Road Runner appears as a surprise witness and emotionally testifies on Coyote’s behalf. Though Congress still dismisses the case, Coyote sets a symbolic Rube Goldberg machine trap for Acme, which confines Foghorn to a birdcage.

Continuing To Chase Road Runner

Coyote vs. Acme

Avery, expecting his career to be over, returns to his small law firm to find a massive crowd of cartoon people who want to file lawsuits against Acme.

With a tip-off from Dr. Lorre, Avery finds videotapes of Project Sisyphus proving that Acme has been willfully negligent for years. Coyote vs. Acme then skips forward a few months, where Avery’s law firm is thriving.

Meanwhile, Coyote is back in the desert, where he continues to chase the Road Runner. Although he has never caught him, maybe someday he finally will. Coyote vs. Acme seems to possess all the classic elements that made the Looney Tunes cartoons featuring the titular Coyote and the elusive Road Runner a massive hit.

An Accurate Plot Description

Coyote vs. Acme

Steven Ray Byrd, one of the actors in Coyote vs. Acme, verified that the leak, which also includes how Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, and other Looney Tunes characters fit in, is an accurate retelling of the movie. “So, personally, I will not share leaks. I won’t post it on my things, but I can read it. I was really curious,” Byrd explained.

“I basically looked for the scenes that I took part in, and I wanted to see if they were accurate. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, people post things for clicks. Is it a real leak? The scenes that I was in, I’d say they were accurate from what I saw.” Byrd said of the Coyote vs. Acme information. “So I’d say that the leak is accurate.”

Coyote Vs. Acme Scrapped

Coyote vs. Acme

Warner Bros. Discovery first decided to shelve Coyote vs. Acme in November 2023, aiming for a $30 million tax write-down.

However, due to public backlash, the decision was reversed, and filmmakers were given the opportunity to shop the film for other distributors. However, after unsuccessful negotiations with various buyers, the studio scrapped the movie.

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