Nickelodeon Resurrects Your Favorite Cartoon, Original Stars Returning

By Brian Myers | Published

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The final episode of The Fairly Oddparents that aired in the summer of 2017 marked the end of a historic run for the popular Nickelodeon animated hit. The cartoon serves as the second-longest-running animated show in the network’s history, behind Spongebob Squarepants. But recent developments have given fans of the show the news that they have long hoped for; the Fairly Oddparents will make a return and feature the voice talents of original stars Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris as Wanda and Cosmo.

Fairly Oddparents Returns With A New Series

The new series, Fairly Oddparents: The New Wish, features a new child whose life is graced with the guidance and antics of Wanda and Cosmo. Ten-year-old Hazel has just moved to a new city after her father gets a job transfer to Dimmadelphia. Just when she thinks her new life will be forever lonely, her new next-door neighbors reveal themselves as fairy godparents, as the original wishing machines from the Fairly Oddparents come out of retirement and strive to make all of Hazel’s wishes come true.

20-Episode Season Coming This Year

The new series is slated to begin its 20-episode run on the Nickelodeon network later this spring. The development team behind the Fairly Oddparents, creator Butch Hartman, and executive producer Fred Seibert were brought on board to help get the upcoming show off the ground.

Original Voice Actors Return

Along with Blakeslee and Norris providing voice acting, the Fairly Oddparents spinoff will feature Ashleigh Crystal Hairston as the lonely Hazel, as well as Asante Jones as her father. Hairston, whose voice can also be heard on the animated series Tiny Toons Looniversity as Babs Bunny, is also credited with co-writing episodes of A New Wish.

Not The First Revivial

A New Wish isn’t the first time that the Fairly Oddparents has been revived for fans. The series was launched in 2001 on the Nickelodeon network, based on the popular shorts from the Oh Yeah! Cartoons show that ran from 1997-2001. The stand-alone series enjoyed a run until it was canceled in 2006 after five seasons and 80 episodes.

But the Fairly Oddparents were brought back to Nickelodeon in 2008, delighting fans for three more seasons until the end of 2011. But in 2013, the network again resurrected the series for two more seasons, the last 10 episodes of which aired on the Nicktoons network.

The Live-Action Series

Additionally, there have been several other entries for the Fairly Oddparents franchise, most recently being the live-action show on Paramount+ titled Fairly Oddparents: Fairly Odder. The show served as a sequel to the original animated show but followed the exploits of Timmy Turner’s cousin Viv and her stepbrother Roy. Blakeslee and Norris were back as Wanda and Cosmo in this short-lived show that received mixed reviews.

Live-Action Movies

The Fairly Oddparents fan base was thrilled when Nickelodeon produced a live-action film sequel for the cartoon, 2011’s A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner. The movie spawned two of its own sequels, A Fairly Odd Christmas and A Fairly Odd Summer, both starring Drake Bell as an adult Timmy Turner.