Cobra Kai Spinoff In The Works?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

cobra kai season 4 cobra kai spinoff

Could we be getting a Cobra Kai spinoff? Let’s hope something like that comes around sooner than later. Cobra Kai has been one of the surprise hits of the streaming generation, revisiting a classic movie from the 1980s and continuing the story in a way that we really hadn’t seen before with this kind of content. It has been both simple and ambitious at the same time, imagining a world in which Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence grew up with each living in the wake of their famous karate showdown decades before. And with such a successful run for the series, it looks like we are going to get even more stories in this world. Series creator Jon Hurwitz teased the idea of a Cobra Kai spinoff in the works. 

The martial arts community of California’s San Fernando Valley looks like it can’t be confined to just one show, necessitating a Cobra Kai spinoff. As the series gears up for its fourth season on Netflix, Hurwitz tweeted out some interesting tidbits about their plans for what is to come and even bigger ideas around the world including a Cobra Kai spinoff. While interacting with some curious fans on Twitter, the show’s creator did say they were gearing up for this season as well as noodling around with the idea of spinoffs. Check out some of the things he had to say about a Cobra Kai spinoff.

You can see from these tweets that Hurwitz and company have no plans to just wrap up the Daniel and Johnny story and call it quits. Far from it. This is where a Cobra Kai spinoff comes in. For starters, he talks about having an “endgame” in mind for this first story. That is critical with any series, something that some have missed the mark on in the past. Without a clear and definitive thought on how to wrap things up, some series have taken to meandering through various plot lines. Additionally, thinking about a Cobra Kai spinoff for the show could avoid some of that bloat that other series fall victim to. If you know a certain character’s story will end up in a spinoff then there is no need to jam the narrative into this version of Cobra Kai. 

Cobra Kai premiered on YouTube Red back in 2018, picking up the Karate Kid characters’ respective stories 34 years after the events of the original movie. The thought of a Cobra Kai spinoff, at the time, would have been crazy considering this show represented almost a totally new form of entertainment. It cast the two original players (Ralph Macchio and William Zabka) in a story about how their lives had gone in completely opposite directions since Daniel had crane-kicked Johnny to win the All-Valley Karate Tournament. Leaning into comedy at its backbone, the story has also introduced the younger folks coming along in the valley, teenagers at similar crossroads that Daniel and Johnny were all those years ago. 

Before we get any Cobra Kai spinoff, there is still more of the main show coming. The fourth season is set to premiere on Netflix in December of this year. It is sure to be another hit season for the streamer which had already reported that the third season was among its best-performing series ever. It maintained the top spot on Netflix for months after the release, attracting fans of the original movie and new folks as well. The world is ripe for a Cobra Kai spinoff going forward.