Chris Evans Lays Down The Law About Captain America

Chris Evans was recently involved in another rumor about returning to Captain America. He simply tweeted his response to this rumor.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Everyone is going wild over the possibility that former MCU characters might return in some fashion. That idea is mostly because of the multiverse, and now different iterations or versions of characters can exist at the same time. Plenty of people have been begging for Chris Evans to return to his role as Captain America, if even for some small cameo. However, the actor has moved on from the role. He further reiterated that point while The Hollywood Reported spoke on the uncertainty that Evans was completely done with the role. That was until the man himself spoke about his “return.” You can see the tweet below:

A simple five words were all Chris Evans needed to remind people about who is going to be rocking the shield. We all saw Sam Wilson, portrayed by Anthony Mackie, take on the role in Falcon and the Winter Solider. Although Sam had a tough time taking on that role, as anyone naturally would, he still felt worthy enough towards the end of the mini-series. Now he is going to get his full shot as Captain America 4 has landed its director. This new film is going to have Sam Wilson squarely involved as Captain America, and that is likely going to be the case for future MCU entries that feature the character.

Most of the Avengers team have moved on to other things. Their characters either died or have been retired in some way. Well, most have just died. That was certainly going to be the case after dealing with Thanos. Now with phase 5 coming up soon, there needs to be another big baddie that the MCU must deal with. Also, there are plenty of new heroes that are making their way into continuity via shows or their own films. Many are pointing to rumors that Doctor Doom would be the next powerful villain to take on the MCU. Chris Evans has voiced his want to return to Marvel, but only as the Human Torch. Even if he appears in a small cameo, that would be amazing. However, he is completely done with wanting to portray Captain America. No one can blame him.

Should Doctor Doom be the next big villain, that would mean the Fantastic Four would certainly be next, as they have been the main team that always battles Doom. Chris Evans could appear as a multiverse version of the Human Torch, then disappear back into superstardom with other films he is currently working on. We would be happy with a quick Evans pop-up, especially if it were some laughs. But he is no longer going to be involved with the MCU, at least that is what it sounds like from his interviews and tweets.

Chris Evans might be done as Captain America, but that doesnt mean he is done with Disney. He just voiced Buzz Lightyear in the Lightyear spin-off film. He has also discussed wanting to be cast in a Star Wars movie. He played Captain America for well over 10 years, and he is likely just wanting to branch out to do other things. We would love to see the man wielding a lightsaber at some point.