Chris Evans Joins Emily Blunt On Netflix Project

Two Disney stars together at last!

By Britta DeVore | Published

chris evans

According to Deadline, Chris Evans and Emily Blunt are going to be co-stars in a Netflix feature titled Pain Hustlers. David Yates, who fans of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises will know for his work behind a multitude of each, will stand at the helm of the project, directing from a script penned by Wells Tower. The picture was a hot piece at Cannes where Netflix and several other studios were hoping to acquire it. Ultimately, the streamer dropped a whopping $50 million on the action flick, securing the rights to what they’re hoping will prove to be a major streaming hit. 

While Chris Evans’ role hasn’t been disclosed at this time, we do know that Emily Blunt will lead. Pain Hustlers centers around a woman living in Central Florida named Liza Drake (Blunt). A high school dropout with a young daughter at home, Liza’s search to find a job is getting downright desperate. Hoping to give her child the life she never had and make more than just a living, Liza scores an interview with a pharmaceutical startup and sticks the landing. But Liza soon finds out that the company isn’t as well off as they led her to believe. They’re floundering with the leaders making bad fiscal decisions and setting themselves on a one-way track to rock bottom. But in Liza, they find a secret weapon. Not only is she bright and a hard worker, but she has charisma for days – able to charm even the most stone cold investor. Soon, the company’s luck turns around, sky rocketing them into massive amounts of wealth, something that Liza is happy to share in. However, not everything turns out to be so good as Liza begins to uncover the underbelly of the company and the deadly secrets waiting around every corner. 

Due to the nature of the projects they typically sign on for, it’s shocking that this will be the first time audiences will see Chris Evans and Emily Blunt work together on a feature film. The two have both been at the center of dramatic thrillers with Blunt starring alongside her husband and director John Krasinski in both A Quiet Place and its sequel, A Quiet Place 2. At the same time, the actress has been known to take on roles in lighter pieces including The Devil Wears Prada and Mary Poppins Returns

As for Evans, his name is basically synonymous with the Avengers franchise, having donned the uniform and shield of Captain America from 2011-2019. Fun fact, along with Chris Evans, Emily Blunt’s hubby John Krasinski was also up for the role of Cap, and learned of Evans’ casting on Blunt’s birthday. In between shooting a slew of MCU films, Evans appeared in the critically acclaimed Rian Johnson helmed murder mystery Knives Out. He’s also taken on roles in rom-coms and other heartfelt projects like Marc Webb’s Gifted and 2014’s Before We Go, the latter of which also marked the actor’s directorial debut

As for the Chris Evans and Emily Blunt led Pain Hustlers, it’s unclear as to when fans can expect to see the feature premiere on Netflix. As of right now, the film has no release date, but is planning to get the ball rolling on production later this summer.