Beloved Agents of SHIELD Character Teases Return To The MCU

Fans are certain Chloe Bennet will reprise her role as Agents of SHIELD's Daisy following her recent Instagram post.

By Imelda Perez | Published

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are devoted, if anything, and they never miss the clues that their favorite actors are leaving for them to find. In a recent picture posted by Chloe Bennett on her Instagram, fans were quick to point out a small detail -daisy flowers – in her picture and are now speculating about her return to the MCU

In the photo, Chloe Bennet is seen wearing daisies in her shoe, and fans speculate on her return to the MCU as her beloved Agents of Shield character, Daisy. She wore light blue jeans and a striped pink and blue sweater while she posed on her tippy toes while she crouched down and touched the floor. 

agents of shield
Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet also included a picture of her back as she took her shirt off and a picture of her dog. Chloe has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram who immediately reacted with comments. Now, many are sure she is set for an appearance as Daisy, also known as Quake

Chloe Bennet took on the role of Daisy Skye Johnson, or Quake, in the series Agents of Shield in 2013 and played it for seven years before it ended in 2020. While the show ended a few years back, Chloe Bennet has mentioned that she would be happy to take on the role of Daisy in any upcoming projects. 

The show ended when the agents had an altercation with the ancient robots and Daisy, played by Chloe Bennet, ended up getting shot into space. Once the battle is over, the agents join a hologram group chat where fans can see where their favorite characters ended. Daisy made it safely onto the Zephyr 3 and is on a new mission exploring space.

Because of this, fans have hope that Daisy will make an appearance in a possible Agents of SWORD spinoff. While she is mostly known for her character on Agents of Shield, Chloe Bennet is also a voice actor. She voiced a character in multiple Disney series, including “Tinker Bell and the Legen of the Never Beast” and “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”. Her more recent voice acting gig consists of her voicing a character in the film “Abominable”. In this film, she voiced the main character and hero of the story, who is also of Chinese descent, just like Chloe. 

Chloe Bennet was cast as an actress for the Powerpuff Girls spinoff. She was set to play Blossom, and the live-action remake will show the girls as grown-ups. Unfortunately, Chloe dropped out of the role in 2021, so we won’t see her as Blossom. Could this mean she has other projects up her sleeve, possibly a Daisy appearance? Only time will tell.