Agents Of SHIELD Actually Coming Back?

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe stable of shows only growing on Disney+, could we see a comeback for fan favorite Agents Of SHIELD?

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

agents of shield

From a television series perspective, Agents of SHIELD is the Marvel show that started it all. The series was connected to the earlier movies in the MCU’s lineup, and it is arguably the one that gave life to shows like Daredevil, Punisher, and more recently shows like Hawkeye and Falcon and Winter Soldier. The show revolved around the sort of “secret” task force that operated behind the scenes under the tutelage of Nick Fury. Everyone knows Nick Fury from the majority of the Marvel films, but they had also gotten quite familiar with Agent Coulson from SHIELD, who was the fan-favorite protagonist. Well, could Agents of SHIELD be returning? Series star Ming-Na Wen was recently interviewed on the potentiality of the series returning. She simply said “fingers crossed.”

Now that Marvel has been deeply involved with the multiverse, there could be a chance to revive Agents of SHIELD. This idea of the show returning could be directly linked to all the other MCU characters now transitioning into bigger film roles or appearing in multiple shows. Take Wilson Fisk, for example, who appeared in Hawkeye. Fans have been losing their minds as this likely means that Vincent D’Onofrio might remain the Kingpin of the MCU after starting out on Netflix. Also, related in nature to Kingpin, Charlie Cox has been officially named the Daredevil of the MCU. He appeared for a brief moment in Spider-Man: No Way Home, also much to the delight of fans around the world.

It sounds as if Marvel is gearing up to bring back fan-favorites while also using the multiverse as the jumping-off point for reviving lost shows. Agents of SHIELD ended in 2020, but there are still some lingering effects that the show has left behind and SHIELD is always a bigger part of the Avengers and the Marvel heroes. Also, Hawkeye could be an even bigger reason why the show is set to return. The end of the new Hawkeye series saw Clint Barton’s wife, Laura Barton, be revealed as Agent 19 aka Mockingbird from SHIELD. That is a huge deal considering the ties back to the original series.

If Agents of SHIELD were to return, fans would want Agent Coulson to return as well. Even though he had previously been killed by Loki, Nick Fury used a device on Coulson to heal his wounds and wipe his memory, effectively bringing him back. It appears as though Coulson might have some sort of superhero qualities to him that have not been fully explained as of yet. Either way, there would need to be a director of SHIELD, and what better bombshell would there be to have Coulson appear in one of the new MCU shows or a film.

Ming-Na Wen has also in Agents of SHIELD, where she played Melinda May aka The Cavalry. Even though her response was simplistic in nature, she could have the inside track on the series returning. She did have praise for the show and put her support behind the potential revival. Apparently, fans have now found their way back to the show and Wen stated: “I love that our small fanbase is getting bigger and bigger, because I think people are starting to rewatch all the episodes and realizing what a wonderful series it was.” Yes, it was. On top of her simple quote of fingers crossed, she also added, “Who knows?” We would all certainly like to know. Hopefully, the series comes back sooner rather than later.