Charlie Cox’s Future As Daredevil Revealed

Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil and his future projects have been lined out, and if you are a fan of his vigilante character, you are going to be very happy.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

daredevil charlie cox

Fans of Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil aka Matt Murdock will be delighted to know that it appears the actor will be returning in quite a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe-related shows and films. How many? Well, according to a source that is close to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they claim “expect to see him everywhere.” How much is everywhere is likely to be interpreted differently, but it appears as though Cox will start to make his way through a bit of everything since his glorious return to screens in his brief cameo during Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Charlie Cox being cast and delivering a world-renowned performance in Netflix’s Daredevil series left fans reeling and wanting so much more. That, of course, came with the revelation The Defenders would be made following the singular shows for all the heroes in that street-level Avengers-type team. After the cancellation of the majority of the Netflix MCU shows, many wondered what would come of all the great casting choices. Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Jon Bernthal as Punisher, and Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin. Well, two of the three have reprised their roles, and Cox is set to remain a deeper fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One such place where Charlie Cox might appear next is in the courtroom to battle none other than Jennifer Walters. Walters, who is a lawyer by day, is also the She-Hulk by whatever night or frankly whenever she feels the need to appear. That show is set to appear in 2022, and Cox will likely be a big part of the series, or at least he might appear to the joy of fans, once again. Either way, Daredevil could battle Walters in and out of the courtroom. Daredevil has fought The Hulk in comics, so She-Hulk might be wanting to exact some revenge on the blind hero from Hell’s Kitchen.


Another big element that was recently introduced is the echolocation using anti-hero, Echo, who made her debut in Hawkeye. Kingpin is the one who murdered her father in the comics and blamed it on Spider-Man and on Daredevil at two different intervals. Charlie Cox might find his way to appear in an Echo Show, or alongside her in Hawkeye Season 2, should she be brought back. Echo has a very rich backstory and the MCU would do well to bring forth a solo show for her or make her a more integral part of another show. Young Avengers could be a possibility as well, should Marvel decide to go that route.

Another way in which Charlie Cox will appear again is in a solo Daredevil show. That is likely on the horizon of plans that the Marvel Cinematic Universe should follow, now that they have revealed that Daredevil will remain, at least for the foreseeable future. Whether or not that show will be a continuation of the Netflix version, or if we will be treated to something completely different, Cox is meant to reprise his role this way. A film, series, or both. The story of Daredevil is clearly not finished yet, nor is the story of Kingpin, his biggest rival. It’s time to bring the hero back in a big way.