Carrie Fisher Hated An Iconic Part Of Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher hated the iconic bun hairstyle on Princess Leia.

By James Brizuela | Published

carrie fisher princess leia star wars

Carrie Fisher had been very outspoken in her career, especially about her most iconic role while portraying Princess Leia in the Star Wars universe. However, per an older NPR interview, Fisher had a huge issue with the most iconic part about Leia: her hair. According to Fisher regarding the iconic buns that Leia had, “Well, they kept putting hair on, and they kept saying to me, do you like this one?”

Carrie Fisher added, “There were some worse ones, if you can imagine…And I don’t know, they – somehow they chose that one.” Apparently, Fisher was quite upset that the costume department chose to put buns around her already-rounded face. She said that the hairstyles she was given in the earlier Star Wars movies made her look fat, and not “in a cute way.”

To be honest, though Carrie Fisher wanted Princess Leia to have a different hairstyle, the iconic buns made her look regal. It is those buns that make us remember that Leia was the witty and stubborn princess who wanted nothing more than to help rid the galaxy of evil. Without those buns, the character could have been lacking in style. Granted, Fisher was still going to be Fisher at the end of the day, but her style was something that helped carry the character into everyone’s hearts.

carrie fisher princess leia star wars

We understand that the buns for Carrie Fisher were meant to make her look “spacey” and they did just that. The original Star Wars movies were made at a time when everyone thought the future years were going to look far different than they do now. We certainly don’t have lightsabers, but we could be getting closer to people wanting to keep the iconic buns Leia had in the original movies.

We are also not sure what Carrie Fisher meant about not looking cute, as everyone who grew up with the original Star Wars movies was completely in love with her. Let’s all not forget about the Leia costume that she wore during her time being imprisoned by Jabba the Hutt. Despite her reservations about her hairstyles, Fisher remained a beautiful woman throughout her career.

Carrie Fisher did reprise her role of Princess Leia one final time in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, which was released in 2019. However, she died back in 2016, shortly after completing her work for the Star Wars universe. Despite her not liking the iconic buns she wore in the original movies, they became an iconic hairstyle that everyone mimicked in plenty of costumes.

Every year there are still cosplayers and Halloween fans that show up dressed as Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia. Though Leia has had many costumes through the years of making Star Wars movies, her most iconic will always be the white flowing dress, the buns, and her blaster. That outfit defines a generation of science-fiction fans and is still appreciated by many people around the world.

Carrie Fisher may have hated her hair, but we love her for hating it. Fisher always portrayed her character in the way that she wanted to, and it made her an instant icon. We certainly miss her personality and hoped to have seen her in the iconic buns one final time.