Mark Hamill Reveals A Han Solo Gem That Was Cut From Star Wars

Mark Hamill shared with a cut line from one of the earliest Star Wars auditions that he wished had stayed in the movie.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Mark Hamill will forever be known most as Luke Skywalker, the farmboy turned Jedi hero of the original Star Wars trilogy. However, the star might end up being known for his willingness to interact with fans, either in person or over social media. Recently, Hamill revealed his favorite Harrison Ford line from one of their first auditions as Luke and Han, that was kept on the cutting room floor.

“I’m beginning not to like you,” delivered in Ford’s usual deadpan, perfectly fits the character of Han Solo, a smuggler caught up in a galaxy-spanning struggle that he’d rather not be involved in. Mark Hamill’s delivery is, as the actor mentioned, totally sincere and rather sheepish, capturing Luke Skywalker at the start of the Star Wars saga. While the casting of the two leads from this early audition is already near-perfect, the original trilogy is filled with quotable lines, some of which are the most famous in pop culture, and Han Solo’s discarded closing line could have fit right in alongside the other classics.

Mark Hamill’s most famous lines from Star Wars are from the later movies, but to be honest, Luke Skywalker never had the best lines to begin with, everyone else in the main cast has at least one classic. Alec Guinness, in a late career-defining role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, had some of the best with “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” and the future basis for many memes, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

Han Solo
Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Most of the footage from the original trilogy has eventually found its way onto various collections, special editions, and behind the scenes documentaries on the creation of a culturally phenomenon. Some of the more commonly known trivia from the first movie include how Mark Hamill was playing Luke Starkiller, a name that is much less optimistic and hopeful than Skywalker, which would have been a small change that adjusted the entire tone of the franchise. Other tidbits that didn’t hit the cutting room floor include the Stromtrooper that hits his head on the door of the Death Star.

Fans on social media almost universally agree that the discarded Han Solo line should have been included in the published film. Unlike some other discarded bits from the first movie, the line is perfect for the smuggler, especially after he already shot first in the cantina, capturing his rougher attitude. Mark Hamill agrees with the fan sentiment, and who knows what other interesting lost Star Wars knowledge the star will someday share with fans?

Mark Hamill’s next project, away from the Star Wars franchise, is the Netflix adaptation of The Fall of House of Usher. Coming up next for the sci-fi franchise is The Bad Batch returning to Disney+ on January 4th, The Mandalorian coming back on March 1st, and Star Wars Ashoka later this year. As for when the next big budget Star Wars movie will arrive in theaters, that is up in the air, with Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron as potentially the next feature film.