The Whacky Sci-Fi Movie On Netflix With Space Reincarnation

By Steven Nelson | Published

Ladies and gents, fasten your Netflix space seatbelts, and let’s beam up to the hilariously quirky world of Cargo – a realm where science fiction meets Indian mythology! Yep, you heard it right! Who said the afterlife was all harps and halos? 

In this inventive cosmic caper, it’s more about spaceships and intergalactic reincarnation desks. Welcome to the great beyond… Bollywood style! Set your spaceship’s navigation to Cargo, a quirky Indian sci-fi film that turns the afterlife into an intergalactic postal service.

In Cargo, Prahastha is an astronaut with probably the most unusual job title in the universe: afterlife transition officer

Meet Prahastha, an astronaut with probably the most unusual job title in the universe: afterlife transition officer. For years, he’s been singlehandedly (and might I add, rather stoically) processing deceased souls aboard his spaceship, Pushpak 634A.

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Imagine this: You’ve just passed away, you’re coming to terms with your existential crisis, and BAM! You’re welcomed by Prahastha, giving you the equivalent of “Welcome aboard, let’s get you reincarnated!” It’s a lot to take in.

Now, every lonely guy needs some company, and Prahastha is no exception. Enter Yuvishka, an exuberant, full-of-life (ironic, right?) assistant with the power to heal the emotional boo-boos of the departed.

She’s like the perky office intern, except her office floats in space, and her clients are… well, dead. Together, they juggle the peculiar whims and tales of the departed, facing cosmic conundrums, existential debates, and the occasional spaceship malfunction.

In the midst of all the celestial chaos, the duo embarks on a journey that makes us ponder about life, love, loss, and the infinite journey of the soul. But don’t worry, Cargo keeps things breezy, ensuring that even topics like death have their light-hearted moments. If you ever wanted a metaphysical trip sprinkled with giggles, this is your boarding pass!

Cargo Is A Different Type Of Space Movie


For starters, most space flicks give us epic battles, mysterious black holes, or aliens with a penchant for world domination. But Cargo? Nah, it tosses that playbook into a black hole and writes its own.

Instead of focusing on the vast, intimidating unknown of space, Cargo zooms in on something even more mysterious: the afterlife. This isn’t your regular spaceship — it’s basically the cosmic equivalent of a post office, but for souls awaiting reincarnation. Think of it like the DMV for the afterlife, just with fewer queues and more stardust.

The protagonist, Prahastha, isn’t out there battling extraterrestrials or defying the laws of physics. He’s handling souls, processing their emotional baggage, and sending them off for reincarnation. It’s like customer service, but on a cosmic scale.

The film merges the mundaneness of daily life with the grandiosity of space and reincarnation. It’s refreshingly introspective, offering a quirky lens to view existential debates and human connections.

Forget laser battles and interstellar politics; this movie is about the heart, the soul, and the quirks in between. So, if you’re seeking a space movie that’s more heartwarming than heart-pounding, Cargo is your offbeat ticket to the stars.


And there you have it, space aficionados and curious souls alike! If you’re in the mood for a space adventure that’s less “May the Force be with you” and more “May your soul find peace,” then buckle up and launch Cargo on Netflix. 

With its unique blend of cosmic wonder, tender moments, and chucklesome quirks, it’s a journey through the universe you won’t want to miss. After all, how often do you come across a space film that’s more about introspection than intergalactic warfare? 

So, set your coordinates, grab your space snacks, and prepare to delve into a celestial comedy that truly is out of this world. Safe travels!