Bruce Willis’s Mom Is Speaking Out On Controversy Around One Of His Biggest Hits

By James Brizuela | 8 seconds ago

bruce willis

If you have lived under a rock for the past 30 or so years, you may have missed the long-standing controversy behind one of Bruce Willis’s biggest movies: Die Hard. What controversy is that? Well, that is the great debate on whether or not the film is a Christmas movie. Any time you ask someone about their stance on this great philosophical question, the answers are usually split right down the middle. Half of audiences believe Die Hard to be a Christmas movie, and the other half do not. Well now Mama Willis, aka Marlene Willis, has weighed in on the subject. According to her, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

It’s unclear why TMZ tracked down the mother of Bruce Willis to ask her whether Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie, but there you have it. That controversial opinion is likely to cause the argumentative folks who are Team Die Hard Christmas to go even crazier in their means to convince the world that the film is a holiday must. Marlene Willis’s opinion on the subject does make a ton of sense. According to her, the film is set during Christmas time but that it is not a Christmas movie. That is where the argument stops. Bruce Willis has gone on record saying that he shares the same opinion of his film. That is strange considering the below scene that clearly shows Christmas decorations and a “ho ho ho ” written on the body of a dead terrorist. Merry Christmas from protagonist John McClane.

The late and great Alan Rickman plays titular villain Hans Gruber and the quote, “it’s not Christmas until I see Hans Gruber dropped from Nakatomi Plaza” has been turned into a meme, memorabilia, and tons of wallpapers for the internet to enjoy. Bruce Willis can claim that this film is not deeply rooted in Christmas, but it appears the scales have been tipped to those who say it is, just from the ties to the holiday.

If you ask the Twitterverse, you would be surprised at how much support there is behind Die Hard being a Christmas movie. For instance, the above Tweet shows a still image of John McClane that has been turned into a Christmas tree ornament. McClane is seen here working his way through the duct system of the building as he hunts down the terrorists that have taken hostages. Bruce Willis might not win this argument, no matter if he is employing his mother to help him.

Die Hard was released in 1988 and has since been put on a pedestal as a family Christmas film. While the “family” aspect is sure hard to argue, there is too much evidence stating that the film is indeed a Christmas movie. A brave Twitter user decided to give the world exactly what it wanted by creating a trailer for the movie but exercising the fact that it has a “holiday spirit” feel that is plastered throughout the action film. Bruce Willis can’t argue this one.

Bruce Willis claims Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie, as does his mother, so maybe we should all listen to the man that was the star of said feature? Or, we can all just keep living in denial and watching John McClane take down terrorists in the name of Santa Claus every year.