See Bruce Willis As Bloodied CIA Agent In New First Look Scene From Fortress

Watching Bruce Willis in an action role and being all kinds of badass is like a fine wine that only gets better with age.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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Watching Bruce Willis in an action role and being all kinds of badass is like a fine wine that only gets better with age. While chances of getting a new Die Hard sequel starring the heroic John McClane are rather bleak, we have something else for you: a new clip from the recently released action film, Fortress, starring Willis as Robert, a bold and courageous CIA agent who may have retired from his job but not from his hobby of giving villains a tough fight.

Released by /Film, the clip from Fortress sees Bruce Willis’ Robert bloodied, tied up in a chair, and facing his arch-nemesis, Balzary played by Chad Michael Murray (Riverdale). Even though the latter is menacingly brandishing a gun in his face and threatening to kill him as well as his son, Robert isn’t the least afraid. In fact, his smug attitude doesn’t even slip an inch and he only proceeds to smile victoriously. Apparently, Robert had a big chunk of his enemy’s funds under his thumb as he tauntingly announces that all of Balzary’s money is gone, further infuriating him. Check out the first look clip below:

As per the official synopsis of the film, Bruce Willis’ Robert, an ex-CIA agent, is secretly living in a resort deep in the woods. But one day his estranged son, Paul, unknowingly leads his enemies right to his doorstep when he goes to visit his father. To protect themselves from the relentless attack, the duo retreat to a high-tech steel bunker complete with advanced weapons. As per the clip above, it is apparent that their safe hideout won’t hold for long against the enemy fire and Robert will be captured. But judging by Willis’ devil-may-care attitude, it isn’t hard to guess who is destined to come out victorious. 

Fortress is currently playing in select theaters and is available via video-on-demand. While the film isn’t shaping up to be a favorite of critics, it is indeed an absolute Christmas-came-early treat for ardent fans of Bruce Willis. Apart from Willis and Murray, the film also stars Jesse Metcalfe, Kelly Greyson, Katalina Viteri, Natalie Burn, Luis Da Silva Jr., Ser’Darius Blain, Eric West, Michael Sirow, Shannen Doherty, and Simon Phillips. 

A sequel to Fortress, titled The Fortress 2 and shot back-to-back with the first one, is already in post-production. Apparently, the revenge spree Chad Michael Murray’s Balzary is on won’t end with one film. It will continue in the second as well as the third film in the trilogy, which is also set to bring back Jesse Metcalfe, Bruce Willis, and Kelly Greyson along with Murray to reprise their respective characters from the first film. Rated R for violence and language, Fortress is directed by James Cullen Bressack, based on a screenplay by Alan Horsnail. 

Currently, Bruce Willis is all set to continue his streak of starring in action thrillers starting with American Seige in January 2022, followed by Gasoline Alley, A Day to Die, Soul Assasin, Vendetta, White Elephant, and Paradise City.