The Bruce Willis Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That’s Better Than You’d Expect

By Chad Langen | Published

Cosmic Sin

Cosmic Sin, a science fiction film directed by Edward Drake, is often lumped in with the many direct-to-video releases featuring the seasoned action hero Bruce Willis. Many dismiss it as just another low-budget production capitalizing on Willis’ fame. However, contrary to initial expectations, Cosmic Sin, currently streaming on Netflix, proves to be unexpectedly engaging despite its flaws, enticing viewers into a world fraught with peril.

One of many direct-to-video films Bruce Willis made in the last few years, Cosmic Sin is now streaming on Netflix.

Set in the year 2524, centuries after humans have colonized outer planets, the story revolves around a looming alien invasion, with a group of rogue soldiers tasked with preventing the impending threat. When a distress signal from a remote outpost hints at a hostile encounter with extraterrestrial beings, it triggers a high-stakes mission led by James Ford, a seasoned military leader.

As Ford and his team delve deeper into the cosmic unknown, they must navigate moral dilemmas, unexpected alliances, and the ever-present specter of interstellar warfare, creating a suspenseful journey filled with perilous encounters and complex decisions.

Cosmic Sin

The plot of Cosmic Sin takes viewers on a suspenseful, riveting journey laden with perilous encounters and complex, often heart-wrenching decisions. With the ominous shadow of humanity’s fate precariously teetering, the story delves into the consequential repercussions of preemptive strikes and the ethical dilemmas earnestly faced by the steadfast individuals in command.

As the alien threat menacingly looms larger on the horizon, the palpable tension crescendos, inexorably leading to a climactic, unforgettable showdown destined to determine the survival narrative of both Earth and its burgeoning colonies in the distant, uncharted reaches of the expansive cosmos.

Alongside Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo, Cosmic Sin also includes C.J. Perry, better known to WWE fans as Lana.

Bruce Willis brings his trademark gravitas to the role of James Ford, immersing viewers in a perilous world and lending credibility to the cinematic narrative. Joining Willis is Frank Grillo, recognized for his work in The Purge franchise, who portrays General Eron Ryle grappling with the moral burdens of wartime decisions. Behind the camera, Edward Drake and Corey Large, who also has a supporting role in the film, reunite after their previous collaboration on Breach, crafting a story of survival and sacrifice in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Cosmic Sin didn’t have a theatrical release in the United States, instead reaching sci-fi fans through its straight-to-video launch. The box office reception, therefore, isn’t a defining metric for its success, though it surely was impacted by the lack of a big-screen debut. However, the movie carved a niche for itself among a segment of audiences who appreciated the old-school sci-fi vibe mixed with the modern CGI spectacle.

Upon its release, Cosmic Sin received predominantly negative reviews from critics, who pointed out its unoriginal plot and underdeveloped characters. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that not all films need to break new ground; at times, a straightforward story featuring familiar actors can provide enjoyable entertainment. Cosmic Sin caters to this need with its direct action and no-frills approach, offering a space for audiences seeking uncomplicated, action-packed sci-fi adventures.

Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin

Production-wise, Cosmic Sin showcases a blend of practical effects and CGI to create its outer-space ambiance. Although operating on a noticeably tight budget, the creators managed to craft visually compelling scenes, especially during the combat sequences with the alien adversaries. The determination of the cast and crew to deliver an engaging narrative within the constraints showcases a commendable aspect of low-budget filmmaking.

Bruce Willis received one of his last Golden Raspberry nominations for Cosmic Sin before the organization, out of respect, removed the category.

In a turn of events, Bruce Willis, once a celebrated titan of action in large-scale blockbusters, found himself garnering a nomination for his performance in Cosmic Sin alongside his other 2021 appearances in low-budget straight-to-video films that critics and audiences almost all panned.

This nomination ushered him into the rather unfavorable spotlight of Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie at the Golden Raspberry Awards. Yet, this category was gracefully retracted following Willis’ announcement of retirement from acting due to health adversities, including aphasia.

Within the extensive lineup of direct-to-video titles starring Bruce Willis, Cosmic Sin undeniably carves out a unique niche for itself. Its allure emanates from its straightforward narrative coupled with the star power of recognized actors, offering a breed of entertainment often overshadowed. While it may not ascend to the echelons of a sci-fi masterpiece, Cosmic Sin holds a certain allure for those keen on delving into its narrative of interstellar conflict and the gritty pursuit of survival amidst the unknown cosmos.