Pulp Fiction’s Bruce Willis And John Travolta Teaming Back Up For An Action Movie

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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It’s been more than a little while since Bruce Willis and John Travolta turned heads in Pulp Fiction. Sure, their paths barely crossed on that film, but both left a mark on what ended up being one of the defining films of the 90s. Now, for the first time since that Tarantino film, the two are teaming back up for another flick. According to Deadline, Bruce Willis and John Travolta have signed on to star together in the upcoming film Paradise City which will have them battling it out in Hawaii. 

Now whether Bruce Willis and John Travolta are teaming up for this next movie because they’ve been jones-ing to work together again, or if it was simply a good excuse to get the families to Hawaii for a couple of months isn’t totally clear. Either way, that’s where this next film will go down with both guys coming at odds in the story. Willis will play a bounty hunter out for revenge and Travolta is the king of the island, the Maui Mafia if you will, and the two are on a collision course throughout the course of the film. 

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According to this Deadline reporting, Paradise City (which better feature the Guns N’Roses song or an opportunity was totally lost) will have a Miami Vice feel to it with the sunny beaches of Florida replaced with that hula feel. Corey Large is on a producer and he’s been working quite a bit with Bruce Willis these days with the actor churning out direct-to-streaming movies for years now that have a certain popcorn feel but have also been generally forgettable. 

Joining Bruce Willis and John Travolta on Paradise City will be director Chuck Russell who will head behind the camera once again. He recently worked with Travolta on I Am Wrath which had the actor on a revenge tour of his own trying to exact some violence against the man who killed his wife. That flick bombed with critics, sitting at 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. Russell has also helmed films like The Scorpion King with Dwayne Johnson and Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he’s best known for the comedic hero flick The Mask with Jim Carrey. 

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Of course, as mentioned, the last time Bruce Willis and John Travolta shared a screen together was all the way back in 1994 in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The film helped revive Travolta’s career when he played smooth and rather blasé hitman Vincent Vega. Meanwhile, Willis played the conflicted but conniving boxer, Butch Coolidge. Their stories are interwoven but they really only meet on screen for a fateful second. In this way, they were in the movie together but they also really weren’t. 

Before these two come at odds again Paradise City, the two are at somewhat different stages of their career. John Travolta has slowed down his work on-screen with only this movie in pre-production as of this writing. Meanwhile, Bruce Willis seems busy as ever. He has no fewer than five films planned for 2021. Cosmic Sin is already out but there’s also Midnight in the Switchgrass, Out of Death, Apex, and American Siege on the way. 

So while they are different career arcs these days, it will still be great to get Bruce Willis and John Travolta up on the big screen together again.