Bruce Willis Is Making An Assassin Movie

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

bruce willis

Bruce Willis will always go down as a great action here. A guy without much in the way of on-screen fighting skills, no superpowers, and really, by comparison, not all that many muscles either. But a rough demeanor, amazing timing and a devil-may-care attitude that bleeds through has him crushing these roles time and again. And he’s going to get yet another crack at the genre with Deadline reporting that Willis has signed on for the film Soul Assassin. 

Soul Assassin will continue a run of action movies Bruce Willis has been doing over the last few years, cranking out straight-to-streaming flicks that play well in the popcorn movie variety. In this one, Bruce Willis will play a former black-ops soldier who goes undercover to figure out why another soldier was killed during a military experiment. This lines up with where Willis is in his career these days. He’s often of the *former* type of character (former soldier, former astronaut, etc) because frankly, he’s getting up there in years. Here he’ll get down to what went wrong in the experiment and what the military is covering up. 

Unlike some of the more recent work by Bruce Willis in the action space, this one might have a little more nuance and intrigue. The flick is based on the short Let Them Die Like Lovers by Jesse Atlas and could feature more in the way of subtlety than we typically see from recent Willis fare. In this way, there’s hope that the movie offers more than just a few flashes and bangs. Atlas will also direct this flick which will be his first credited feature-length film. Also joining the cast are Nomzamo Mbatha and Dominic Purcell. 

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As for Bruce Willis and his recent run of movies, well, this guy is really never not working. He’s been cranking them out over the years even if they haven’t exactly made the same kind of splash he was used to seeing in his earlier years. Two of his most recent included trips to space with Cosmic Sin about a fight with an alien race and Breach about another kind of alien loose on a space station. There was also Hard Kill and Survive the Night, both crime thrillers that were mostly play-by-the-numbers. 

And in addition to Soul Assassin, Bruce Willis has a laundry list of films in the pipeline right now as well. He’s in post-production on a whopping four films right now all of which should hit the big (or small) screen this year. There’s American Siege in which he plays a former NYPD officer (sound familiar?) turned small-town sheriff. He’ll also try to survive an island hunting game in Apex, take the FBI agent route in Midnight in the Switchgrass and then go sheriff again in Out of Death. The dude is as busy as ever. 

And just in case you were worried, Bruce Willis is set to reprise his John McLane role from in the Die Hard franchise with the eponymous McLane which was recently announced. So there’s plenty to catch Willis in these days. And we can now add another one to the list with Soul Assassin set to start filming this summer.