A Brand New Bruce Willis Movie Is One Of The Most Watched On Streaming

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

Bruce Willis Cosmic Sin

Bruce Willis has had his share of hit movies over the years and most are in the action vein. Heck, he’s one of the biggest action stars of the last couple of decades. Starring in major franchises, killing tons of bad guys, taking down an asteroid or two, killing some more bad guys, and throwing in a catchphrase here and there; the guy is the consummate star. Now, one of his most recent movies is blowing up on streaming and looks like an outer space tour de force. Cosmic Sin is currently ranked number four on iTunes in the United States. 

Cosmic Sin is a science-fiction movie, set sometime in the future when our weapons have advanced and interstellar travel looks to be becoming commonplace. Bruce Willis plays James Ford, a disgraced army commander who now spends his days doing very Bruce Willis-y movie things like drinking in bars and getting into fights with guys who give him a little too much lip. Things start taking a turn when he’s called back into service because of an incident on a military ship.

It turns out that the crew of the ship have apparently made first contact with an alien race. Humanity, sort of prepared for this kind of thing by now, has a plan in place for what to do if these suckers turn hostile. This is where they need the skills of a retired commander. Cosmic Sin refers to the mission and protocol around what to do if humanity is fully under attack. With a host of space age weapons and the snark of Bruce Willis are the only things that can now save the world from this new alien threat. Check out the trailer for Cosmic Sin:

It’s easy to see why this movie would be a streaming hit. It looks fast-paced and full of all the science-fiction goodness you’d come to expect from a film about an alien attack and the group of humans tasked with saving the world. From big weaponry, an unknown assailant, spaceships aplenty, lasers and all the other tell-tale signs of your standard sci-fi action film, this looks very much like an easy watch. Most Bruce Willis films fall under this designation. They aren’t always great, but they definitely are often enjoyable when coming from the right movie mindset. 

Joining Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin are a couple of other notables. Frank Grillo plays General Eron Ryle who is leading the charge against the alien forces. There’s also Perrey Reeves (Entourage), Corey Large, WWE wrestler CJ Perry, Costas Mandylor (Saw). After that, it’s mostly an up and coming cast with few other credentials to their names. 

Edward Drake directed Cosmic Sin. He’s mostly known for his work in the music video space though he does have one other film on his resume. That was Breach which also starred Bruce Willis. So the two have worked together before and in similar veins. Break was also a science-fiction flick though this time instead of aliens attacking humans, the latter are trying to escape Earth before everyone goes extinct. Both movies went straight to video-on-demand. 

Bruce Willis Breach

Though the streaming numbers are strong, critics haven’t been all that kind to Cosmic Sin. It’s currently sitting at a measly 5% on Rotten Tomatoes and doesn’t have a score on Metacritic. Most agree that the film is rather silly in nature and has a paint-by-numbers approach to the whole plot arc. And unfortunately there are some not-to-kind words about Bruce Willis himself. More than a few critics thought the actor “phoned in” his performance in this film. Maybe even these films have become old hat for the dude, easy to just show up and get the job done. 

Regardless of critical perception, there’s still a heavy draw to this movie on iTunes and again, you can see why. It checks a lot of popcorn film boxes with its approach and setup. These are the kind of movies you turn on, worry little about the plot details and just see how things blow up along the way. There’s a place in the movie hierarchy for these kinds of flicks and Bruce Willis has been in many of them. 

Look, there’s a reason Bruce Willis ranks among the all-time action heroes by most metrics. The guy has done these films countless times. And if critics say he slept walked through the performance, it’s probably only because killing bad guys comes easy to the guy at this point. According to the numbers, he ranks only behind Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham in terms of the best action movie star. So check him out in his latest. Critics might not have loved Cosmic Sin, but the fans do. 

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