Bill Murray Co-Star Keke Palmer Slams Unprofessional Behavior

Bill Murray's possible fall from grace is accelerating quickly, as co-star Keke Palmer has recently posted some shade online.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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It has been approximately 24 hours since it was reported that the abrupt halt in production on the upcoming film Being Mortal was because of alleged inappropriate behavior by star Bill Murray, and things are accelerating. While the production cancelation was initially suspected to be due to the Covid-19 concerns that have delayed or shut down many film and television projects over the last several years, the revelation that a complaint about the comedy legend is leading to an investigation is causing industry-wide ripples. Now one of the other stars of Being Mortal has posted a seemingly pointed barb on Instagram and there is much speculation that it is alluding to the ongoing situation with Bill Murray. Here is what Keke Palmer posted to Instagram: 

Okay, so let us break it down a little bit here. Bill Murray is not mentioned by name in this multi-slide Instagram post, either in the images or the long caption. However, Keke Palmer is part of the main cast of Being Mortal, and what with the allegations of inappropriate behavior towards Murray, it is difficult not to interpret statements like “not every talented person is a professional” and “it can lower your rate when people don’t like the experience of working with you” as being relevant to the matter at hand. We can only infer that Keke Palmer may be alluding to the experience of recently working with or around Bill Murray and that it may not have been a pleasant one, but it will have to remain some maybe-shade throwing for at least now. We also could say something about the professionalism of posting veiled references to coworkers on a public forum to 10.9 million followers, but we will choose not to. 

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Keke Palmer in Scream Queens

Regardless of Keke Palmer’s intent with this post, Bill Murray already has a long history of being difficult to work with. Actor Lucy Liu, who co-starred with Murray in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels, recently confirmed the much-rumored altercation they had during the production of that film; allegedly, Murray was upset by a rewrite of a scene and began to use inappropriate language targeted at Liu. There are numerous reports of his conflicts with co-stars and collaborators throughout his career, including Richard Dreyfuss during the production of What About Bob? in 1991 and a falling out with his longtime friend Harold Ramis while working on 1993’s Groundhog Day. Bill Murray was also accused of abuse, addiction, and infidelity by his late former spouse during their divorce proceedings in 2008. 

Bill Murray has been one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood for decades, from his early days on Saturday Night Live, comedy superstardom in the 1980s, and eventual reinvention as a dramatic character actor in the early 2000s. The reported complaint about him will undoubtedly continue to unfold in various ways in the upcoming weeks, and it will have to be seen what (if any) effect it has on his reputation and career. We will continue to update with any new information or shade-throwing on the subject.