The Ben Affleck Thriller Streaming On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Step into the entangled worlds of journalism and politics as you delve into State of Play, a gripping thriller that masterfully blends both realms into a fast-paced narrative. Starring the dynamic Ben Affleck, whose portrayal of a congressman wrapped up in a scandal is nothing short of captivating, this film takes its viewers on a riveting journey where every turn uncovers a new layer of intrigue.

Now streaming on Netflix, it’s the perfect time to revisit this thrilling drama that showcases the power struggles and intricacies of modern-day politics meshed with investigative journalism.

State of Play is a heart-racing political thriller that masterfully intertwines the intricacies of politics and journalism. Adapted from a British miniseries of the same name, the film hit the screens in 2009 under the adept direction of Kevin Macdonald.

Ben Affleck’s State of Play was adapted from a British miniseries of the same name

In this gripping tale, we witness the tale of Stephen Collins (portrayed by Ben Affleck), a rising Congressman who finds himself embroiled in a scandalous controversy that threatens not only his political career but also his life. The story kicks off with the mysterious death of Sonia Baker, a research assistant and Collins’ mistress. This sets off a media frenzy, dragging Collins to the epicenter of a major scandal.

Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck

At the heart of unraveling this complex web is Cal McAffrey (played by Russell Crowe), a seasoned journalist and Collins’ old friend. As he delves deeper into the case, unearthing conspiracies and connections that span the realms of politics and corporate power, the line between friend and journalist blurs, making the pursuit of truth a complex, dangerous game.

Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, and Helen Mirren star alongside Ben Affleck in State of Play

Apart from the stellar performances of Ben Affleck and Crowe, the cast is bolstered by the presence of other notable stars including Rachel McAdams who gives a compelling performance as Della Frye, a young political blogger and McAffrey’s partner in this investigative journey.

The veteran Helen Mirren adds another layer of depth to the story as Cameron Lynne, the demanding editor of the newspaper McAffrey is associated with. Jason Bateman also makes a memorable appearance, providing some significant clues that propel the plot forward.

As the duo digs deeper, what they uncover is a conspiracy that goes far beyond a mere scandal, exposing a sinister network that extends its tentacles into the deepest corridors of power. It becomes a race against time as they try to unravel the truth, a mission that comes with personal and professional costs.

ben affleck

State of Play successfully marries the tense, high-stakes world of politics with the gritty reality of investigative journalism, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as they navigate through a maze of deceit, power play, and unexpected twists and turns.

State Of Play And Ben Affleck Scored Well With Critics

State of Play, although not a massive blockbuster, was generally met with positive reviews, especially highlighting the electrifying performances from the ensemble cast and the intense, tightly-woven plot.

In the spotlight was Ben Affleck, who successfully managed to portray Congressman Stephen Collins with a brilliant mix of vulnerability and conviction. This role came during a period where Affleck was working hard to reshape his career, transitioning from roles in romantic comedies to more serious, dramatic fare.

His portrayal in State of Play showcased a depth that would be further explored in his later roles and directorial ventures, marking a significant step in the evolution of his craft.

Affleck’s portrayal was complemented by Russell Crowe’s intense performance as the relentless journalist, crafting a character that became an audience favorite. The pair’s chemistry on-screen added a layer of authenticity to the complex narrative.

Critics were also quite generous in their praise for the movie’s supporting cast. Rachel McAdams was lauded for her refreshing portrayal of a young, eager reporter, while Helen Mirren’s portrayal of the fierce editor received nods for its strength and intensity.

However, the movie wasn’t without its critics. Some pointed out that the film, at times, seemed to lose its grip, especially when compared to the original miniseries, which had the luxury of a longer runtime to develop its characters and plot intricacies.

There were mentions of certain plot points feeling rushed or not fully explored, a critique that was somewhat overshadowed by the strong performances and gripping storyline.

In wrapping up, State of Play stands as a vivid testament to Ben Affleck’s evolving career and prowess as an actor, firmly slotting itself in a genre that thirsts for intricately plotted narratives and strong performances. It’s a film that, despite its few critiques, should not be missed, particularly for those who appreciate a political thriller with a star-studded cast that delivers on all fronts.

A delightful find on Netflix for any cinephile looking to immerse themselves in a world of political intrigue and journalistic tenacity.