Batgirl Photos Reveal One of Batman’s Deadliest Villains

It looks like Batgirl is set to introduce a group of villains for this movie that could be a real problem for Gotham City and Barbara Gordon

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old


The DC Extended Universe has so much exciting stuff coming down the pike, and there’s a good chance we see something like a total reset for this franchise over the next couple of years. One of those movies is going to be Batgirl which will introduce a new hero into the mix while also bringing back some familiar faces as well. And it looks like we are starting to get a sense for what Gotham will be like in this new flick, and who some of the villains could be in and around the city. The latest little Easter egg from the set has a certain group of influential bad guys joining the fray. 

From the Twitter account @Batgirlfilm, a photo from the Batgirl set was revealed that features a copy of the Gotham Tattler, a fictional rag from this universe that is more akin to The Inquirer or something of that ilk. But on the cover of the magazine is a reference to the Court of Owls, a group that operates in the shadows of Gotham City and has significant influence over the political and socio-economic dealings within the city. Check out the set photo and we can dive into what some of it might mean. 

Unlike the criminal underworld in Gotham City which has been run, in various iterations by folks like Carmine Falcone, Joker, Penguin, and other mainstays from the Batman universe, The Court of Owls is a different kind of nemesis. They are a secret organization, around for hundreds of years in the city and made of the wealthy and elite. They operate like a cabal, putting influence over others in Gotham and even resorting to murder (or worse) when the opportunity arises. Whether they play a huge part in Batgirl, or this is merely setting the stage for their inclusion at some point, isn’t quite known. But it’s cool that they are bringing in this group, even maybe as a rumor to start. 

On the Gotham Tattler cover from the Batgirl set, there is a quote from a former circus worker who says the Court of Owls tried to recruit them to the group. This is a reference to the Talons, a group of assassins that works for the group. As part of the story in the comic books, the group kidnaps traveling circus workers and gets them to do their deadly bidding. There is some chance Batgirl runs across a few members of this group. 

In all, we will have to wait and see how this group shakes out in Batgirl. The movie is set to introduce Leslie Grace (In the Heights) as Barbara Gordon who dons her own cape and cowl as a crimefighter in the city. Michael Keaton is already onboard to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/ Batman, a part he’ll also be playing in The Flash. Plus, JK Simmons is back on as Jim Gordon, suggesting this movie takes place in the Justice League timeline. And in terms of real villains, well that’s going to be Brendan Fraser who is on as Firefly. Batgirl is set to hit theaters sometime later this year.