Michael Keaton’s Batman Will Have A Robin In Batgirl, See The Pics

By Faith McKay | 12 seconds ago

michael keaton robin batgirl

Batgirl, starring Leslie Grace, is currently filming in Glasgow, Scotland. The movie is officially part of the DC Extended Universe and will feature Michael Keaton as Batman. These announcements have already been made and confirmed by the studio. One thing that no one saw coming was that Michael Keaton’s Batman will have a Robin in the movie. However, leaked photos from the set have shown something very interesting indeed.

The set for Batgirl has added a mural of Michael Keaton as Batman. At first, the mural just featured the Dark Knight himself. See below.

Then, as the mural was being put up, a better photo from the Batgirl set got a full look at the artwork being put up on the brick wall in the film’s Gotham City. Standing next to Michael Keaton’s Batman is none other than Robin, The Boy Wonder himself. He’s wearing the more iconic outfits fans are used to seeing from him on screen in the past, as opposed to more recent comic book costumes for the hero. It makes him easy to recognize as the well-known character. See the mural for yourself in the photo below:

Does this mean Robin will be in Batgirl? Not necessarily, but it does seem most likely. This mural definitely establishes that Robin exists within the DC Extended Universe and in the Batgirl movie. It establishes that at this new point in the timeline, Michael Keaton is associated with a Robin. It is possible that his Batman will simply mention Robin and that he’ll be established to exist without ever seeing the character on screen. However, that’s not the coolest thing Batgirl could do, right? If they’re going to mention Robin, and put Robin right there on a mural next to Michael Keaton, it seems most likely that they’re set to introduce the iconic sidekick character in the movie and in the DC Extended Universe.

This raises a giant question: who will DC cast as Robin? The studio has already made a flood of casting announcements for Batgirl, so many of them promising the film will be an established part of the DCEU, and full of awesome roles. This latest hint that audiences may get to see Michael Keaton establish a proper sidekick joins a long list of things to get excited about for this HBO Max release.

Fans will be seeing Michael Keaton as Batman again for the first time in The Flash. After his character is an established part of the DC Extended Universe, it’s been confirmed that he’ll appear in Batgirl. Leslie Grace will be playing the main character. It’s been established that, as Barbara Gordon, she’ll be part of the Gotham City Police Department. Her father will be Commissioner Gordon, played by J.K. Simmons. It’s expected that Batgirl will be an origin story for her character. She’ll be facing the DC villain Firefly, played by Brendan Fraser.

While Batgirl is expected to release in 2022, if that’s true, it won’t be until the very end of the year. Michael Keaton will be seen in The Flash when it releases in theaters on November 4, 2022. Batgirl will be exclusive to streaming on HBO Max. While a firm release date has yet to be announced, the studio has been providing an impressive number of updates on this one, so we can expect more info on the film’s release, and on what’s happening with Robin The Boy Wonder, soon.