Baby Yoda: Is This The Last Time We’ll See Grogu?

Is this the end of Baby Yoda?

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Baby Yoda is undeniably one of the breakout elements from The Mandalorian. Yes, we know his name is Grogu but the world came to know him as Baby Yoda and it feels appropriate to give him that moniker. Why? Because it is one that was bestowed with utmost affection and love from the Star Wars fandom. And with The Mandalorian Season 2 finale whisking him away, we wonder if and when we will be seeing that lovable little egg-eater ever again.

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At the end of The Mandalorian Season 2, none other than Luke Skywalker appeared after Baby Yoda reached out to him with the Force. Once Luke was done disposing of the many dark troopers, he presented himself before Din Djarin and offered to take Baby Yoda with him. But, Luke was not alone. He also brought R2-D2 with him and the scrappy little droid seemed to develop a rapport with the little green guy.

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Even though Din Djarin noted that Baby Yoda did not seem to want to leave with Luke, it does seem like he and R2-D2 struck up something of a dialogue or a mutual understanding.

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An interesting moment in this scene between Baby Yoda and R2-D2 is when the indicator light on R2’s face switches over from solid red to solid blue. It’s not something we have really seen brought into focus with the character before. It’s almost certain this indicates something important as far as R2’s assessment of the tiny Jedi.

r2-d2 red
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As Baby Yoda finally decided to go with Luke, we got a tearful goodbye from Din Djarin who even removed his mask so that Grogu could see and touch his face on last time before they parted. It was a moving moment that made us feel the real possibility that we were saying goodbye to the little guy for a very long time and maybe forever.

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As Luke finally took little Baby Yoda in his arms and left, it felt like a very genuine departure and a possibly tragic one. We know that Luke’s Jedi academy eventually fails at some point before the events of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Knowing that, if things remain the way they are, Din Djarin has just sent Grogu away to his unavoidable death.

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It’s not just a tear-jerking ending because we are seeing two characters we like going their separate ways. The final moments carry with them the overtones that this is not the best path for Baby Yoda to take. We see him staring longingly out of the elevator at Din Djarin. And with Luke’s dark garb, there is something undeniably doomy about this whole finale.

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Will we see Baby Yoda again? It’s almost certain he will pop up in the next season since he is one of the main characters of The Mandalorian and there is still more we need to learn about him and his origins. And there is no doubt that Disney wants to keep all that sweet merchandise flying off the shelves. But, as we said, if he’s headed to Luke’s Jedi academy and never leaves there, he is doomed to die. Would Star Wars dare do something so cruel to such a beloved character? We’ve got a year to wait and find out.