Aubrey Plaza Joins The Perfect Director Making First Movie In Decades

By Christopher Isaac | Published

Aubrey Plaza coven of chaos

Director John Waters is ending his two decade film hiatus with an upcoming new comedy, and he has found the perfect star in Aubrey Plaza. The movie is Liarmouth, based on Waters’ 2022 debut novel Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance. John Waters and Aubrey Plaza are both known as being such unique personalities in their crafts, so this collaboration already has many people very intrigued.

Plaza And Waters Seem Like A Natural Pairing

Playing to the strengths of Aubrey Plaza, this new John Waters movie is expected to be a raunchy comedy focusing on family dysfunction, much as the novel was. Plaza will be in the starring role, playing con artist Marsha “Liarmouth” Sprinkle who is trying to pull off a successful heist, and eventually decides to pull it against her own family. But true to the style of Waters, it is much more absurd than that along the way, featuring murder plots, addiction to jumping on trampolines, and even… talking genitalia? If the movie is anything like the book, it should certainly be memorable.

We’re Only In the Beginning

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Things are still in the early stages for the project. While traction has started with Aubrey Plaza officially joining on as John Waters’ leading lady, the movie otherwise has not even started filming or procured funding. However, those involved are optimistic about everything moving forward, with production anticipated to start later in the year in Baltimore.

Pink Flamingos

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By the sound of things, this newest project with Aubrey Plaza will be right in line for the kind of movie John Waters has become famous for. One of Waters’ most famous movies is 1972’s Pink Flamingos starring the drag queen Divine. The movie has a reputation for being so profane that it has been banned in numerous countries.


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Probably to little surprise since he also wrote the novel, but John Waters will also be writing the script for Liarmouth as well as directing it. The project was first announced in 2022, and Aubrey Plaza’s casting is the first big indication of the John Waters project moving forward.

Similarly to how movie reviewers comment on his films, Liarmouth the novel had critics calling the book sleazy yet hilarious. Reviewers found the story to be both outrageous and genius in its construction.

Aubrey Plaza’s Other Work

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While this will mark Aubrey Plaza’s first time working with John Waters, she has certainly made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s funniest women. Known for her absurdist interviews on talk shows and her deadpan sense of humor, Plaza has appeared in many beloved comedies over the years. Some of her most notable roles include those in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 2020’s Black Bear, the second season of The White Lotus, and of course her time as April Ludgate in Parks & Recreation.

More News To Come

It is still very early into things with Liarmouth, so it does not even have a release date as of yet. However, many fans will be keenly waiting to see what the results are when the eccentricity of John Waters meets the sardonic comedy style of Aubrey Plaza.

Source: Collider