What Armie Hammer Is Doing To Prove He Isn’t A Cannibal

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

armie hammer call me by your name

Armie Hammer isn’t having the best year so far and that might be the understatement of the year (so far). The actor has been mired in pretty disturbing allegations about his sexual proclivities and is working to even stay employed after being asked off of multiple projects. It’s a totally weird and utter mess for the guy who is one of the more recognizable faces in Hollywood. But he is taking some steps to clear his name and has begun some legal filings that might lead to some clarity around the accusations made against him. 

According to his legal team, Armie Hammer has begun the process of subpoenaing social media giants Facebook and Instagram (though apparently not Twitter) to prove the validity of some screenshots which have done the actor dirty. See, Hammer has been dealing with rumors (and they are only rumors) that he partakes in a number of different very weird sexual fantasies. One of those was cannibalism after he allegedly made a claim to different people with the fantasy of partaking in their flesh. 

The rumors about Armie Hammer enjoying, or wanting to enjoy, the taste of another human are likely bunk, but other allegations from ex-girlfriends have come out concerning his treatment of them while in a relationship. One such allegation was that he had created an Instagram account under an alias to detail his sexual encounters. Another allegation involved model Paige Lorenze saying that the actor carved the letter “A” into her skin near her pelvic region. 

Additionally, other pieces of the Armie Hammer scandal involve claims that he wanted to drink blood and possibly even remove body parts of others in order for him to eat them. While the cannibal piece might be farfetched, these new rumors from people in the public eye are oddly specific. And there might be something to them considering folks are coming out in public with the story. With the groundswell of negative press levied toward the actor, more people are being emboldened to come out with stories of their past relationships. 

All of this, whether true or not, has led to considerable fallout for Armie Hammer in the short term. Earlier in the year, around the time of the original accusations, he “voluntarily” left the production of Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez citing the need to be with his family while the rumors swirled. And then he was asked to leave the production of The Offer which was going to be about the making of The Godfather. Finally, to make matters even worse, now his agency WME has dropped him as well. This is career freefall indeed. 

There’s some hope that if the allegations are, in fact, untrue then the legal filings pointed towards Facebook and Instagram will begin to shed some light on the situation. But considering the rate at which the bad news keeps piling up for Armie Hammer, it’s likely going to be some time before he can get this publicity ship steered in the right direction if it’s even possible at all.