Cannibal Accusations Against Armie Hammer Just Cost Him More Work

Armie Hammer's year isn't getting any better. The accusations of cannibalism aren't going away and he's been removed from another project

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Armie Hammer isn’t having the best 2021 so far. He’s lost a few gigs already stemming from some very odd rumors (or maybe more) that have circulated about him on social media. There are some claiming that he’s made a few claims of enjoying the flesh. Not in the sexy, fun kind of way either, but rather in the “eating it” kind. It’s likely nothing more than an internet dustup, but sometimes that doesn’t matter when it comes to bad news. And the recent bad press is costing him more work. He was originally slated to star in The Offer on Paramount+ but that looks like it’s out the window

The Offer is set to be a biopic about the making of The Godfather. Armie Hammer had a role as the famed producer Al Ruddy who was a big part in getting the classic film made. He eventually won a couple of Oscars for Best Picture. But while Hammer had the role in the bag, apparently the studio wasn’t digging the negative vibes coming from the actor’s direction and the two have parted ways. 

This isn’t the only role Armie Hammer has exited either. Recently he decided, apparently of his own volition, to leave the making of Shotgun Wedding alongside Jennifer Lopez. It was supposed to be a film about a couple that gets married but then, on their honeymoon get kidnapped. Hammer cited not being able to leave his family for an extended stretch while about him rumors swirled. 

It seems Armie Hammer’s issues cropped up a few weeks ago when he was accused, on Twitter, of being a cannibal. The accusations came from a number of different accounts that said the actor had reached out to them with rather disturbing messages. A few of them suggested that he (if it was him) wouldn’t mind trying the taste of flesh. The account screenshots appeared to be him though it’s still unsubstantiated. In them, he laments about the inability to try out eating a human being. It’s a tough read for sure, no matter who came up with the idea. 

It didn’t help Armie Hammer’s cause that in recent years he’d been “caught” liking some questionable material from accounts associated with BDSM and other bondage. Because Twitter makes public tweets that different accounts *like*, these predilections appeared to be in the actor’s wheelhouse at least. This made the leap to believing more disturbing claims maybe a bit easier for folks. Again, it doesn’t mean where there is smoke there is fire with these kinds of things, but the studios apparently are having none of it and at worst don’t want the negative PR. 

Though he’s exiting some upcoming films, Armie Hammer has finished filming a few movies coming out in the next year. He’s starring in Nicholas Jarecki’s CRISIS about the opioid epidemic in America. Plus there’s Death on the Nile with Gal Gadot. And finally, he’ll be in Next Goal Wins about the American Samoan soccer team. So we are going to catch more on the actor in the short term. But going forward it’s less clear considering these rumors don’t seem to be going away.