Do You Want Paul Rudd In Ant-Man 4? Because Marvel Has Its Own Ideas

Marvel is already actively working on ideas for Ant-Man 4.

By Melissa Murphy | Published

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To date, only Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has gotten four single-character-focused movies centered on him. Other Marvel superheroes, like Ironman and Captain America, have only gotten three. According to, Ant-Man 4 may be on the horizon, as Marvel producer Steven Boussard revealed: “We’re already thinking about it.”

Ant-Man got its first installment in 2015 which was met with rave reviews. The film, which had been in the works since the 1980s, grossed over $519 million worldwide. Critics praised the film’s star-studded lineup, including Paul Rudd, Michael Peña, and Evangeline Lilly, witty humor, and stunning visual effects. 

The franchise, which is set to get its third installment later this month, has been in the works for decades. Talks over the first film began in the early 1980s although production never got started because of Disney’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids. The concepts for the two films felt too similar, so it wasn’t until 2000 that Ant-Man began to be seriously considered again. 

The film follows scientist Howard Pym and criminal Scott Lang as they work together to retrieve a body-shrinking device similar to the one Pym created. Through a series of unfortunate events, Scott Lang encounters Pym’s original shrinking suit during a robbery. The two team up to try to restore balance in humanity and get the duplicate out of the hands of those that will use it for harm. 

The initial installment built up an avid fan base that allowed the franchise to continue for two more films, completing the Marvel trilogy that is afforded to most MCU superheroes. However, even before the release of the third installment, it appears that Ant-Man’s story is not yet over. During a press conference for the upcoming movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, producer Stephen Broussard announced that fans may be able to expect an Ant-Man 4 to be coming sometime in the future. 

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With Ant-Man 3 completed and awaiting release, Stephen Broussard noted how the team has already begun pondering what might be in store for the superhero next. As of now, nothing is set in stone, but loyal fans can still get excited over the possibility of an Ant-Man 4 and Paul Rudd’s return.

For many, the talks of a new film already are surprising. With Ant-Man 3 slated for release later this month, fans have begun speculating about what is in store for Paul Rudd’s character in the coming installment. Some even believe that Scott Lang will meet an untimely death in the film amid circulating rumors. 

However, with whispers about Ant-Man 4, it appears unlikely that the beloved superhero will be dying anytime soon. Even though many of Marvel’s beloved superheroes have only gotten trilogies thus far, the studio has expressed that they are not set on keeping solo-character movies to three. Thor got his fourth installment due to his wild popularity, however, if the right idea arises at the right time, any one of the superheroes could get a fourth film. 

For now, fans of Ant-Man can look forward to the character’s third installment in the coming weeks and get ready for Paul Rudd to return for a potential Ant-Man 4 in the future.

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