Andor Season 2 Starts Filming Soon, As Its Popularity Rises

Andor Season 2 will likely begin shooting date of November 21st, though it has not yet been officially confirmed.

By Mark McKee | Published

The Star Wars franchise picked up a new life when Disney+ elected to launch a streaming service that allowed for more than simply the big-budget film every few years; with the extra home for the content, Disney began adding live-action tv series to the franchise. The first live-action series to hit the streamer was the incredibly popular The Mandalorian, following a bounty hunter who breaks all the rules of the guild; followed by others like The Book of Boba FettThe Bad Batch, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The newest series to land on the service is the story following Cassian Andor, and according to a report by ColliderAndor Season 2 has a filming start date. 

According to the report series creator Tony Gilroy, known for his contributions to writing Matt Damon‘s Bourne series and the first non-Skywalker Saga film Rogue One, revealed that Andor Season 2 would start filming the Monday before Thanksgiving, making that November 21. Fans already got a little insight into that information since series star Stellen Skarsgard, who plays Luthen Rael on the show, revealed earlier in the year that Season 2 would begin filming later in 2022.

However, with the series struggling out of the gate, it is good news for the fans who have loved it from the beginning who began to get nervous that the series didn’t land earlier. 

star wars andor season 2

Season 1 of the series takes fans back to five years before the film that introduced Cassian Andor, Rogue One, chronicling the beginning of the rebellion and Cassian Andor’s joining. The newest trend to break away from the Skywalker-centric, lightsaber-focused force-users and explore others in the universe has created a depth to the franchise that has landed well with audiences. 

Andor Season 2 is said to take fans the remainder of the five years and end just before our hero joins the heist to steal the plans of the Deathstar. 

When Andor launched on the Disney+ streaming service, it landed well with the critics, scoring a perfect 100% in the latest four consecutive episodes and not dropping below the 90% mark once in the season. While it wasn’t streamed as much with the fans, perhaps being overshadowed by Disney+’s wide variety of content available to fans, it jumped to the number one streamed series on the service for the first time recently, giving a little hope that it was finally landing with fans as well.

Now that it is landing with fans, Andor Season 2 filming as soon as a few weeks from now hopefully can cause it to piggyback on the momentum it is picking up. 

One thing is for certain with the announcement that Andor Season 2 is gearing up to begin shooting already; Disney is committed to continuing to bring Star Wars content our way if we are willing to watch it. With the franchise doing nothing but growing in popularity nearly 50 years since it first launched, you can bet that it isn’t changing any time soon. Cassian Andor may be a doomed character by the time Rogue One comes to an end, but his series on Disney+ is alive and well.