Amber Heard Gets An Official Return Gift For Aquaman 2

Amber Heard is updating fans on her warm welcome back for Aquaman 2.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Aquaman 2 is happening and both the studio and Amber Heard seem to be happy moving forward with that news. Due to delays related to the pandemic lockdown, both fans and the actors had to wait longer for the movie to actually begin filming, leaving more time for people to wonder if the actress would really be returning. If anyone was still wondering if she would be written out following fan petitions to have her removed, the actress’s latest social media posts can help put that to rest. Heard is happily returning to Aquaman 2 and getting welcome back gifts from the movie’s director.

See Amber Heard’s post below.

The “James” signing off on the card is likely James Wan, the director for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The card says, “Amber – Welcome back to Atlantis.” The bottom of the card says “Flowers”, so it seems most likely that the card came with flowers she was sent as a welcome back gift. It may be that the flowers in question are the ones she posted a photo of two days prior without explanation.

The caption of Amber Heard’s welcome back post showed a mermaid emoji and says that she is in quarantine. Most sets these days have COVID-19 restrictions that include 14 days of quarantine before filming begins. This would line up with what we’ve heard for production plans for the sequel. Jason Momoa said on The Drew Barrymore Show that the sequel would begin filming in July. The actress has been sharing her excitement for the upcoming film on her Instagram, including training posts that date back to early in 2021.

It’s unusual to see Amber Heard’s name without linking it to controversy these days. Following her split from Johnny Depp, and the many lawsuits and allegations to come from that, most of the focus has been on Heard’s personal life. The reactions to those matters has leaked into her acting career, leaving many to expect that the actress would be cut from the sequel or at least have her screen time greatly diminished. Lately, there have been rumors that the actress will actually have more screen time in the sequel. Right now, it’s unclear exactly what we can expect from Mera in Aquaman 2, but that’s not unusual. They like to keep the plots for superhero movies as tightly under wraps as possible, despite how desperately fans want to know what’s happening.

Right now, it seems that filming is gearing up and Amber Heard is in quarantine to start production. We only just recently learned the actual title for the sequel and got a logo for the movie. Because fans have been waiting so long for the sequel, it feels like there should be more, but we’re not actually going to see Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in theaters until December 16, 2022. This leaves plenty of time for filming, even if the set suffers any COVID-related delays, so it seems safe to bet that we’ll actually be seeing the movie in December 2022. Until then, we can count on Amber Heard to give us peeks at what’s happening via her Instagram.