Watch Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 Workout For Some Tight Abs

Amber Heard is getting toned up for Aquaman 2.

By Jason Collins | Updated

amber heard

The superhero cinematic genre requires its actors to be in peak physical shape, often requiring months of rigorous preparation and off-screen training. This includes intense workout and dietary regiments, which serve to accent the character’s aesthetics on-screen and reduce the actor’s risk of injury during stunts. Amber Heard is currently undergoing training for her appearance in Aquaman 2, and she’s “abs-olutely dying!” thanks to the intense workout routines. You can see her abs routine in the video below:

Amber Heard shared a video of herself getting in shape for the role of Mera in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a sequel to 2018’s Aquaman, on her Twitter page. This is just another in a row of gym posts the American film and television actress shared on her social media, teasing her reprisal of the role, despite the great divide between hers and the franchise’s fandom, over her appearance in the sequel. Amber Heard’s fandom has been eagerly awaiting her return to screens as Mera in Aquaman 2, with the long wait now reaching its end as she prepares for the role.

The Aquaman co-star previously admitted to working out five hours a day during her preparations for Aquaman, which included weight training and martial arts exercises, with an occasional jog during the off-hours. However, physical exercise is only a fragment of physical aesthetics training, and the most significant effort isn’t the gym but the kitchen. Eating a proper diet is crucial for physical performance, and Amber Heard admitted to cooking for herself, despite her busy schedule, using only ingredients she recognizes and can pronounce. With that said, she also admitted to occasional cheat meals or treats, which usually include chocolate.

Her social media tease was later confirmed when she shared a picture from the set, in which she was sleeping on the floor in her Mera costume for the upcoming Aquaman 2. The conformational post came after months of speculation regarding her appearance following her legal battles with Johnny Depp, which is why most of her social media posts have the comments section disabled – a smart decision by Amber Heard. Any post regarding her appearance in Aquaman 2 is likely to inspire a wave of hateful commentary from Depp’s supporters after Warner Bros. decided to neglect petitions with millions of signatures demanding that she be removed as Mera.

It seems that Warner Bros. isn’t a reactionary company, at least not entirely. Besides, why would they mess with something that works? 2018’s Aquaman was a commercial success and one of the DC Extended Universe’s biggest success stories, earning over $1 billion worldwide, with Heard and Momoa on board. So Warner Bros. is likely holding their fingers crossed that the sequel performs as well as the first film, if not better, and are willing to neglect the DC fandoms’ wishes of having Amber Heard removed from the franchise.

With everything said, Amber Heard’s new abs workout video has gathered views and likes on Twitter as the actress prepares for the reprisal of her role. We just hope to see her progress on the big screen when Aquaman 2 debuts sometime in 2022.