Alison Brie Gives Community Fans The Best Script Report Possible

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

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The rallying cry for Community fans has been “six seasons and a movie” ever since the line was uttered by Abed in season two. With six seasons down, fans recently received good news on the movie part of the now-famous line. Alison Brie, who starred in Community and will return for the movie, has stated that the script is finished and she’s even read it. 

Community Movie Updates

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The last year has seen frequent updates on the movie from various people involved in the show, but Alison Brie’s Community update that she’s read the script is the best news yet. That means the script for the Community movie is complete enough that actors are being sent copies as part of the ramp-up to shooting.

That’s reassuring news for fans that the movie’s production is going smoothly. 

Not Much Known About Script

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While not much is known about the script Alison Brie gave her Community movie stamp of approval. In addition to confirming the existence of the completed Community script, she said simply, “I’ve read the script and it’s so funny.”

The Alison Brie Community update comes from an episode of Watch What Happens Live on which Brie was a guest. 

Originally airing on NBC, Community was a hit in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The show centered around a quirky study group at Greendale Community College, following their wacky adventures. It set itself apart with clever, often meta, comedy and frequent parodies of other genres. 

Original Cast Returning?

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The return of most of the original cast is a huge part of why fans are so excited for the Community movie. In addition to Alison Brie Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong have all been confirmed as returning for the movie with others, like Yvette Nicole Brown, expected to return as well. As some of the central cast didn’t return for later seasons, their return is a huge part of the movie’s appeal.

Chevy Chase Out?

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Though Alison Brie and others will return for a Community movie, the one central cast member who definitely won’t be returning for the Community movie is Chevy Chase. Chase had a tumultuous time on-set with multiple altercations including physical fights with Joel McHale and accusations of racism from Donald Glover.

His on-set behavior resulted in him being fired from the show and his character being killed off, which will help explain his absence from the film. 

Stars After Community

It’s impressive so many stars are returning for the Community movie, particularly those who have become major stars since the show ended. Alison Brie is one of those stars, acting in films like Somebody I Used to Know and shows like GLOW.

Donald Glover also became a massive success after his time on the show with a successful music career under his stage name Childish Gambino and creating his own hit TV show, Atlanta. 

No Official Release Date For Community Movie

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The long-awaited Alison Brie and others Community movie doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the completed script is a good sign that the wait won’t be too long. It is known that the movie will be coming to Peacock, as the streaming service produced the film. The movie was officially announced in 2022 but delayed due to the duel writers and actors strikes last year, with the script being done more news and a release date should be coming soon.