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community movie

Community Star Takes Blame For Movie Delay And It’s Not Donald Glover

The long-awaited Community movie will not arrive this year due to delays that reportedly resulted from conflicts with Donald Glover’s …

2 weeks ago

Star-Studded Screwball Comedy On Netflix Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

If you’re a big fan of the classic comedy of the 1980s and 1990s, you likely have National Lampoon to …

1 month ago

The Fan-Favorite Adventure Buddy Comedy With Two SNL Stars No One Ever Talks About

Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd grew from their roots as early players on the NBC hit show Saturday Night Live …

2 months ago

The Raunchy 90s Comedy With A Stand-up Legend Star You Can Stream Right Now

The late Norm MacDonald was the centerpiece of 1990s Saturday Night Live when he was the sole host of the …

2 months ago

1990s Comedy Horror Box Office Bomb Gains Cult Following

To say that Nothing but Trouble was a box office disappointment would have been the understatement of 1991. The Dan …

3 months ago

alison brie

Alison Brie Gives Community Fans The Best Script Report Possible

The rallying cry for Community fans has been “six seasons and a movie” ever since the line was uttered by …

3 months ago

chevy chase

Chevy Chase Shoulder Dislocated During Community Filming Altercation With Co-Star

It’s no secret that Chevy Chase was frequently at odds with his costars on Community, but recent comments by Joel …

4 months ago

1970s R-Rated Sci-Fi Adult Classic Saved But Not By Streaming

With so many streaming platforms, it’s hard to imagine a classic film being absent from at least one online library. …

5 months ago

Community Star Reveals Physical Altercation With Chevy Chase

It’s no secret that various cast members of Community weren’t very fond of co-star Chevy Chase, but Joel McHale recently …

5 months ago

dirty work

The Raunchy Comedy Hidden Gem On Streaming Features The Best Actors In The Genre

The world is certainly a darker place ever since Norm Macdonald and Bob Saget passed away, but that doesn’t mean …

5 months ago

Chevy Chase Fans Rejoice With Stellar Upgrade To Classic Comedy

These days, many film lovers have been wringing their hands about mainstream retailers such as Best Buy slowly pulling out …

5 months ago

community movie

The Community Movie Is Ready To Go According To Star

The Community movie has been in active development since it was first announced in the Fall of 2022, with several …

6 months ago

Bill Murray caddyshack

Caddyshack Happens In Real Life, See The Unbelievable Gopher Golf Video

If you thought Caddyshack was entirely a work of fiction, you’re going to have to reassess your assumption after watching …

6 months ago

Tron And Caddyshack Star Dead At 69

Actress Cindy Morgan has died at the age of 69. You likely know her best from her role in the …

6 months ago

Chevy Chase Is Back, Here’s All We Know About His Return

As we return to work and our regular schedules following the holiday slowdown, there are a few movies that many …

7 months ago

See Chevy Chase Reunite With His Christmas Vacation Co-Stars

The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation star, Chevy Chase, has reunited with his Christmas Vacation stars Beverly D’Angelo and Randy Quaid …

7 months ago

Joel McHale Snaps Back At Chevy Chase Over Community Controversy

Apparently, Joel McHale (Jeff Winger) is skilled at letting things slide, and Variety reports that he seems fairly unphased by …

9 months ago

The Most Hilarious Time Travel Movie Streaming On Netflix

Buckle up for a wild and hilarious trip through time! Hot Tub Time Machine, now bubbling away on Netflix, thrusts …

10 months ago

Bill Murray caddyshack

Will There Ever Be Another Caddyshack Movie?

When it comes to sports comedies, Caddyshack easily ranks as one of the best in the genre. The Bill Murray-led …

11 months ago

community movie

Donald Glover Returning For Community Movie But Another Star Is Not

Donald Glover will be part of the Community movie, but Chevy Chase was not invited back.

1 year ago

lando series

Donald Glover Calls Out Community Costar And Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

Donald Glover went after his Community co-star Chevy Chase at the Writer’s Guild Awards for making racial comments on the set of the hit comedy.

1 year ago

Chevy Chase’s Most Underrated Comedy Is Streaming On Netflix

Chevy Chase stars as a journalist in 1985’s underrated Fletch.

2 years ago

Chevy Chase Vacation

Chevy Chase’s Best Movie Was Supposed To Get A Dark Sequel

Ask a person their favorite Chevy Chase role, and you will get a different answer based off of how old …

2 years ago

chevy chase vacation

Chevy Chase’s Best Vacation Movie Is Now Streaming

Chevy Chase’s first time as the hapless family man Clark Griswold may have been 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, but it …

2 years ago

chevy chase

See Chevy Chase Channel Clark Griswold For A Christmas Lighting

It’s a hap- hap- happy family Christmas this year at Raising Cane’s. Christmas Vacation star Chevy Chase “roadtripped” with Raising …

2 years ago

irena cara flashdance

Two Of The Biggest Stars Of The 1980s Are Teaming Up In New Movie

Two of the brightest and biggest stars of the 1980s are teaming up with a horror legend for an upcoming new movie.

2 years ago

jon hamm confess, fletch

See Jon Hamm Replace Chevy Chase In Confess, Fletch Video

Jon Hamm is starring in Confess, Fletch, which is a reboot of the classic comedy starring Chevy Chase. We now have our first look at the film in a new video.

2 years ago

chevy chase

See Chevy Chase Be Replaced By Jon Hamm In First Look At Fletch Reboot

Jon Hamm is set to take on a role that was inhabited by the legendary Chevy Chase. However, the first image has been released, and we are excited about the Fletch reboot.

2 years ago

john candy

A Ridiculous John Candy Movie Is Dancing Up The Streaming Charts

Buckle up before you watch this one!

2 years ago