Netflix Saving Canceled Fan-Favorite Series, Hope For Revival Sparks

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

Cult favorite wrestling drama Heels, which was canceled by Starz last year, is getting a second life on Netflix. The series, starring Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, was just one of several shows that got the axe as Starz went through a programming overhaul. 

Heels On Netflix

Nevertheless, the licensing deal between the streamer giant and Lionsgate Television has made Heels’ 16 episodes available to air on Netflix. This deal has also sparked hope for a possible revival thanks to the immense popularity of the series it enjoyed during its two seasons run. 

The acquisition of Heels isn’t random. The streamer giant has been actively pursuing the rights for Heels ever since it was canceled by Starz and for a good reason. Remember, Netflix has secured the rights to WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, which will premiere in January 2025 and Heels is a natural complement to the growing wrestling content library. 

WWE + Netflix = Heels

The deal with WWE set Netflix $5 billion and adding Heels to the library proves their commitment to becoming a top production house for wrestling fans. 

With Heels’ arrival on Netflix has certainly sparked hope among fans for a potential third season. Netflix is open to continuing the story, but several things need addressing for this to happen. The main thing on which Netflix will measure whether the show deserves the third season is, of course, the show’s performance. If it attracts a strong viewership, it could tip the scales in favor of a new season.

Finding A New Audience?

Heels Netflix

However, even if Heels finds a new audience on Netflix, the lead actors’ busy schedules could hinder the chances of a potential third season. For instance, Stephen Amell is currently working on the pilot episodes for the Suits spin-off Suits: L.A on NBC.

Stephen Amell And Alexander Ludwig

Heels Netflix

The series is more than predestined to happen, which will put Amell into a scheduling conflict if and when Heels third season gets the green light. 

On the other side of the leading duo, Alexander Ludwig, of Vikings fame, is working on the six-part miniseries Earth Abides, based on the classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel by George R. Stewart. 

Huge Wrestling Fan

Heels Netflix

Heels was created by Michael Waldron, and covers the rivalry between brothers Jack Spade (Stephen Amell), a villainous “heel” wrestler, and  Ace (Alexander Ludwig), who has taken the heroic “face” persona.

Stephen Amell is a huge wrestling fan and has performed many of the moves in the ring. With a possible third season of Heels to air on Netflix, this would be one of the reasons Amell returns to the role of the villainous wrestler, Jack Spade. The series was also praised for his performances in the ring, with fans clamoring for more action in the ring.

Critical Acclaim

Heels Netflix

Heels garnered critical acclaim with both seasons receiving positive reviews. The first season holds a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season maintained the momentum with a 90% approval rating. However, despite all the success, the Heels was canceled by Starz after the second season before it was made available on Netflix.

Source: Hollywood Reporter