Adam Sandler Being Shot Into Space By Netflix

By Doug Norrie | 6 months ago

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Adam Sandler’s time on Netflix has been nothing short of a resounding success. He’s done such a wide variety of films including a silly fright night comedy, a western, some family dramedy, and even a gritty and suspenseful nailbiter that should have earned him an award turn. Now he’ll expand the resume with the recent news that Sandler is heading off into space

Netflix announced that Adam Sandler will star in Spaceman of Bohemia, the 2017 sci-fi novel by Jaroslav Kalfar. It’s the story of Czechoslovakia’s first astronaut (cosmonaut?) sent on a mission to inspect mysterious dust forming in the galaxy. The mission is so dangerous that no other country is willing to send anyone out there. So Jakub Prochazka (Sandler) volunteers and gets into some crazy stuff along the way. The novel received very positive reviews and appears more an inner look at sanity (or lack thereof) than strictly a space cowboy film. Sandler’s shown such a wide range of acting abilities over the years that this kind of (possibly) oddball isolation role could be right in his wheelhouse.

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Since signing an exclusive deal with Netflix in 2015, Adam Sandler’s run of movies has been diverse and mostly well-received. He started in the ensemble cast of The Ridiculous 6 which bombed with critics out of the gate. But mostly everything else has been a success in one form or another. Another ensemble piece The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) was a critical darling with Sandler playing a quick-to-anger single father who’s caught up in the drama of his father’s declining art career. 

2019’s Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston ended up as the fifth-most viewed movie on the streaming platform with 83 million views and showed some big names can still carry films. And then there was Uncut Gems, which really flipped the script on Adam Sandler’s image. He played a whacked-out diamond dealer caught up in an awful gambling spot. The movie was gritty, manic, and ultimately heartbreaking in a way we haven’t seen much from the actor. 

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Finally, Hubie Halloween debuted before the holiday this October and is already the most viewed movie of the month on Netflix. This one is more of what we’ve seen from Adam Sandler in the past but proof positive that folks are still willing to engage with his type of humor. So yeah, Adam Sandler is kind of killing it here. 

This latest trip to space won’t be Netflix’s only foray into this world. They premiered Space Force back in May, though that was met with mixed reviews despite an all-star cast and crew.

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Spaceman of Bohemia will be helmed by Chernobyl director Johan Renck who’s done other work on shows like Bloodline, The Last of Us, Halt and Catch Fire, Bates Motel, and even Breaking Bad. He has an impressive resume with plenty of borderline prestige and award-winning work on the small screen. While the resume has trended more toward the drama style, it will be interesting to see how he takes this story with Sandler in the lead. 

Currently, only Adam Sandler and Renck are locked into place for the film. That being said, this book is rather bottled in nature and has very few characters overall. We could see Sandler carrying the film almost on his own, lost and going mad in space. It should be a hell of a watch. 

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