Three Classic Adam Sandler Movies Now Getting Sequels?

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

adam sandler

Today, Hollywood studios love franchises. Sequels and reboots are all the rage. This makes sense. If you already have a built-in audience for a project, it’s a lot easier to predict the success of your marketing. Meanwhile, there are actors like Adam Sandler who have mostly stood apart from this new way of thinking. In the 1990s, he rose to fame making a number of highly successful comedies. Over the past decade, he’s created a lot of comedies that many look down on, but have been very successful. In 2020, Hubie Halloween was Netflix’s highest-ranking original movie for the year. He’s made a move for some more serious roles as of late, like his part in Uncut Gems. But it seems that Adam Sandler isn’t going to leave comedy behind. Instead, he’s thinking about breaking into the world of sequels.

What movies from Adam Sandler’s filmography deserve a part two? According to insider Daniel Richtman, Sandler is developing sequels to three total classics: Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Waterboy. While this is still a rumor, it’s an interesting one. These three movies released in 1995, 1996, and 1998. Adam Sandler took part in writing the scripts for all three. They are box office successes still talked about today. Moreover, we know he holds at least two of these movies in particularly high regard since he named his production company after them. Happy Madison Productions was started in 1999. Since then, most movies we’ve seen Adam Sandler act in have gone through his own production company. He’s been the architect of his career for a long time. Is he now ready to revisit some of the highlights?

Happy Gilmore just celebrated its 25th anniversary. While there are always disagreements on which Sandler movie is best, Happy Gilmore is often on the list. Rotten Tomatoes called it Sandler’s best comedy of all. To mark the occasion, Adam Sandler posted fun videos revisiting his character on social media. He then did a number of interviews, including one for the Golf Channel where they directly asked him about a sequel for Happy Gilmore. See a clip from the interview below.

The actor claims a sequel has never been discussed. However, he also said that it comes up as a rumor online all the time. And while he cautioned that the idea wasn’t being talked about, he knew what a sequel would be about right off the top of his head: a senior golf tour. Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter Gavin in the classic comedy, was also part of the interview. He said he was in for Happy Gilmore 2.

With an idea already in Adam Sandler’s head for a sequel to Happy Gilmore, it makes you wonder what else he knows. It seems that he may get asked about sequels to his classic works a fair amount. With over twenty years passed since the originals, he’s had time to think about it. What would happen in a sequel for Billy Madison or The Waterboy? Adam Sandler is now 54 years old. You would think that would mean there are no chances for direct sequels to those stories. However, the idea was there for a Happy Gilmore 2. What else might Adam Sandler come up with?