Adam Sandler To Play A DC Supervillain

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

adam sandler

Adam Sandler has certainly made a name for himself by playing larger-than-life characters. Whether it’s Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, or his recent dramatic turn in the excellent film Uncut Gems, the former Saturday Night Live cast member is well-known for delivering performances that shoot for the moon. If a new rumor is true, it sounds like he could be bringing that talent to the DC cinematic universe.

Insider Daniel Richtman (via We Got This Covered) is reporting that Adam Sandler is looking to join the DC universe as a supervillain in an unnamed upcoming project. There have been rumors that Sandler was looking to play some version of the Penguin. but that does not seem to be confirmed by or roped into this newest rumor from Richtman. As far as this new rumor is concerned, Sandler could be up for any role in any upcoming DC movie.

IF anyone doubts Adam Sandler’s range as an actor, they are probably only familiar with his outright comedic work. He delivered a stunning performance in the highly personal film Punch-Drunk Love and was equal parts funny and endearing in the dramedy Funny People. He was also originally slated to play the part of Donny Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Add that to the aforementioned career highlight in Uncut Gems and it is clear that Sandler has a lot more versatility than most mainstream audiences might give him credit for.

adam sandler

So, the mere idea that Adam Sandler could successfully play a DC supervillain is not something to scoff at. The big question is who he would play. Since there is no other substantive info regarding this rumor, it is hard to pin down if this could be for one of the many announced DC projects currently in some stage of development, or if this would be for something we are currently completely unaware of. And since this rumor is so thin right now, there is no end to the speculative possibilities of what role Sandler would be embodying.

From other reports we have heard, it seems like the DC universe wants to cast some pretty sizable actors in the future. Nabbing Adam Sandler and putting him in the role of villain would be certain to grab headlines. And with Joker proving to be such a gargantuan success for Warner Bros./DC, it would not be the biggest surprise in the world to see them try and capitalize on casting notable thespians as supervillains. Plus, it would potentially give Sandler the opportunity to try something outside of his usual fare, and it could remind people of just how great an actor he can be.

We will definitely be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more news about this rumor. If Adam Sandler does end up joining the DC cinematic universe, it would be yet another step towards DC becoming an even more powerful player in the landscape of superhero cinema. Here’s hoping this rumor ends up having some truth running through it and we can find out more about what role Sandler wants to play.