See The Massive Yacht That Gets Carried Around By A Blimp

By Douglas Helm | 3 weeks ago

nuclear megayacht

If you thought that superyachts were big, wait until you see what a blimp big enough to carry them looks like. Recently, in the insane world of concept design, Swiss designers Guillaume Hoddé and Matthieu Ozanne created what is known as the AirYacht. The AirYacht is meant to be a 197-foot yacht that will be carried by a 656-foot helium blimp. Will the blimp be used to carry anything other than multi hundred-million-dollar boats? Like maybe something useful? The world may never know, but at least the concept art looks cool. You can see both the yacht and the blimp in the photos below:

As you can see, the size of the airship absolutely dwarfs the size of the yacht. This makes sense because that thing will need to carry a heavy boat. Superyachts can easily weigh over 5,000 tons, so the last thing you want is for a yacht flying over your house to fall off its blimp and smash everything. It’s probably not too likely that homeowner’s insurance would consider that a “natural” disaster. At this point you might be wondering, why exactly are we flying around massive yachts using sun-blotting zeppelins? Well, because this way you can easily and quickly transport your beloved boat to any port of call in the world. Instead of sailing it from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, why not just fly it there? These are the problems that many of us face every day, so it’s good to know there’s a simple solution for our superyacht transport.

The yacht itself is a three-story ship made to house 12 people. The French design company Darnet Design dreamed up this concept and included necessities like a gym, sauna, and swimming pool in the build. In interviews with the Robb Report, the designers talked more about some of the features that would be included, such as a multi-car garage and a helipad. Because really, what self-respecting yacht owner wouldn’t bring their favorite sports cars on their flying boat with them?

No matter how you slice it, this yacht and zeppelin concept is certainly an impressive feat of design and engineering. The design also makes it so that the zeppelin doesn’t need to land to drop off the yacht, saving even more time delivering the yacht from destination to destination. In short, the AirYacht makes sure you have all your bases covered. You can sail the seas, soar the skies, and then drive your Lambo right off the vessel once you’ve docked your boat. It seems like the only thing this yacht can’t do is go to space, though we’re not counting that out as a possibility yet.

Now you might be wondering, where and when can you purchase this incredible flying yacht? Well, super-rich reader, if you’re so inclined you can currently place a pre-order for the AirYacht. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait some years before you can enjoy your purchase as it’s not set to be released until 2026. Until then, you’ll just have to settle for a yacht that only works on water.