Scientists Are Building A Nuclear Megayacht To Fight Climate Change

A nuclear megayacht is being built to change the fight against global warming.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

nuclear megayacht

Climate change is one of the most pertinent global crises at present. Humanity’s gluttonous industrialized way of life has catapulted the stability of earth’s atmosphere into a climate red-zone and with each passing year puts it closer to what scientists refer to as “the point of no return”. The effects of an increase in global temperature caused by emissions that elicit greenhouse gases can already be seen and felt across the world. In an effort to stop the virtually inevitable progression of climate change’s devastating effects, scientists are looking for any possible way to decrease the number of greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere, which now include building a nuclear-powered megayacht. 

CNN detailed that scientists initially came up with the idea to build a nuclear-powered megayacht because they noticed an uptick in yacht sales amongst the wealthy as a result of the pandemic. Yachts are one of the biggest offenders in contributing to atmospheric emissions. In fact, according to The Conversation, those who own them pump approximately 7,000 tons of CO2 into the air every year. Scientists reasoned that if they could get the world’s wealthiest people to recognize firsthand how significantly they are contributing to the progression of climate change that they could effectively get them to shift their perspectives, and they deduced that the best way to do that is to show them on something as grandiose as their own way of life – a megayacht.

The nuclear megayacht, which will be known as Earth 300, will act as a vessel with a dual purpose. First, to educate the world’s wealthiest people by having them come aboard the ship to physically witness on a tour of sorts how climate change has already ravaged the planet. For instance, Earth 300 could provide the wealthy an up close and personal look at the vast amount of bleached coral throughout the world’s tropical waters. 


The nuclear megayacht’s second purpose would be to unite the newly educated wealthy with the globe’s brightest minds in hopes that both parties would form an alliance that could fund critical research and programs needed to halt the effects of climate change. Aaron Olivera, the entrepreneur advocating for the idea, pointed out that “Wealthy people can go online and buy anything they want, but they cannot buy a new mental model with which to see the world.” This could serve as a way to correct much of the wealthy’s slanted worldview. 

The nuclear megayacht, initially, will not be powered by nuclear energy at all, simply because the technology required to do so isn’t available yet. Instead, the 13-story 300-meter behemoth will first be run by a combination of synthetic fuels, until it can ultimately be transitioned to run on a molten salt reactor that has the capability of producing enough nuclear energy to perpetually power the nautical giant. 

If this nuclear Megyacht project, that is estimated to cost upwards of $700 million, does indeed come to fruition, it has the possibility to not only bring the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates together with the world’s greatest climate experts, but it could eventually serve as a way for the public to truly see just how dire the earth’s situation is and how necessary it is to take swift and significant actions in order to combat what could happen in the very near future. 

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