Will Smith Shocks Everyone By Opening Up About His Sexuality

By April Ryder | Published

According to Parade, Will Smith is currently involved in a shocking new “scandal” on the premise that an old employee of his, Brother Bilaal, has made a public statement saying that he saw Smith and Duane Martin (who made an appearance on a few episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) engaging in a sex act in the actor’s dressing room. 

Will Smith Denies The Claims

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The assertion is outlandish enough that it seemed likely that Will Smith may ignore the allegations altogether. However, Smith is speaking out. He and his long-time partner Jada Pinkett Smith have both publicly denied the claims via various media outlets. 

Duane Martin, on the other hand, is doing his best to avoid the situation. The actor has made no public claims to confirm or deny the allegations concerning his and Will Smith’s relationship, but Brother Bilaal did do him quite a favor. Duane Martin hasn’t been in the headlines for many years, and the effect of these silly claims will likely knock some dust off the actor’s name. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Lashes Back

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Will Smith’s wife, Jada, has been the most vocal about the situation. She told TMZ that she and her husband plan on filing a lawsuit against Brother Bilaal for his false claims. During an interview for The Breakfast Club, Jada reiterated the couple’s intention on legal action. 

Pinkett Smith made sure to emphasize the ridiculousness of the rumor, claiming that Bilaal is simply trying to successfully pull off some type of “money shakedown.” It’s not a far-fetched notion for someone to try and blackmail a famous actor for money, and it seems like Bilaal’s assertions are just that. 

An Act Of Retaliation?

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According to Will Smith’s wife, Jada, Bilaal was upset over a book he helped Will to complete. The man felt like he was not properly compensated for his role in the creation of the book. Jada said that Will was willing to pay the man a certain amount, but he didn’t take it. Now this. 

“It’s one thing to have your opinion about somebody, versus just making up salacious, malicious stories. That’s actionable, so we’re gonna roll with that,” said Jada referring to the legal action that will be taken regarding the rumor. 

Will And Jada’s Relationship

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Will Smith and Jada have been in the news lately for several different reasons. Will’s infamous slapping of Chris Rock at the Oscars started the media arousal surrounding the couple. Then, the nature and extent of the couple’s personal relationship was thrust into the spotlight. 

While the two have never really had a traditional structure to their relationship, current talks and headlines have really taken the scrutiny to a whole new level.

Will Smith Keeps Busy

Through a turbulent year, Will Smith remains busy. The actor served as executive producer in African Queens: Nijinga – a Netflix miniseries. His future looks busy as well, as he had a whopping total of 14 projects in which he serves as a producer, and a few upcoming acting gigs, including Bad Boys 4 and the I am Legend sequel.