See Vin Diesel Walking Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle

See the video Paul Walker's daughter shared of her wedding, where Vin Diesel walked her down the aisle.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Actor Paul Walker was most well known for his role in the early Fast & Furious films. Fans witnessed his on-screen and real-life relationship develop with his co-star Vin Diesel over the years. It blended into the family theme for the franchise. Then, at 40 years old, in late 2013, Paul Walker was in a fatal car accident. He left behind a daughter named Meadow and a cast and crew that have famously done their best to keep his spirit alive for themselves and fans. Recently, Meadow Walker was married in an intimate ceremony. Jordana Brewster, who played Paul Walker’s wife in the movies, and Vin Diesel, both attended the ceremony. In fact, he walked Meadow down the aisle.

Below, you can see Vin Diesel walking Meadow Walker down the aisle in a photo the bride shared via her Instagram.

Over the years, the cast has opened up about their grieving process for Paul Walker. Vin Diesel often speaks of Paul Walker in Instagram posts. He didn’t share anything about Meadow’s wedding himself. Instead, he posted a piece of fanart featuring himself and Paul Walker, who was clearly on his mind. While Vin Diesel doesn’t always tell his audience everything about his grieving process, the various cast members all share a little at a time, painting a picture wherein they visit with Meadow often. They’ve been open about the fact that Meadow Walker visits the movie sets sometimes. They’ve shared that her presence helps keep his spirit alive for the franchise. Ludacris has said that he hopes Meadow Walker may make an appearance in one of the final two movies for the franchise, though nothing official for such an appearance has been made known, and Meadow herself hasn’t commented on this.

On-screen, Paul Walker played Vin Diesel’s brother-in-law. Jordana Brewster said that every year she honors him on his birthday, but that her grief comes in waves not contained by any calendar date. Meadow also shared a video from her wedding. The clip shows both Fast & Furious actors participating in the ceremony.

There are two more Fast & Furious films to come for the franchise’s main storyline. While the spinoff projects will keep the franchise going, it’s unknown if actors like Vin Diesel will appear in the spinoffs. That makes these two upcoming films even more special for the cast that has been working on these movies since the first one was released two decades ago in 2001. That’s a long time for anyone to work together, which makes the public “family” themes seem a lot more genuine and realistic than they might appear at first glance to someone who hasn’t followed the franchise this far.

What might fans expect from these final two installments? Possibly an appearance by Meadow Walker, but again, that’s unknown. Some rumors have mentioned the possibility of time travel. F9 saw the guys take a car and fly it into orbit, so time travel hardly seems far-fetched at this point. The safest bet is that the final two movies will include Vin Diesel, intense stunt work, explosions, and seeing the family bond into a good place before the credits roll.