Vin Diesel Bringing Time Travel Into A Billion Dollar Franchise?

Vin Diesel has a new idea for his upcoming films.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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F9 opened with a flashback scene to 1989 and a Universal logo to match. While the movie mostly took place in the present day, it developed a lot more of the Toretto family history by reaching back in time. Those who’ve seen the ninth installment for the Fast & Furious franchise also know that the movie pulls in characters from the past that no one expected to see again. The film also went ahead and embraced elements that were basically science-fiction (maybe lazy science-fiction) by shooting a car into outer space. Do all of these elements naturally lead into a time travel plot for the next installments in the franchise? According to a new rumor from We Got This Covered, Vin Diesel wants to make time travel happen for the franchise known for pushing boundaries.

The outlet didn’t offer any details on how Vin Diesel wants to use time travel in the franchise. All they said was that they claim to hear it’s on the table as an idea. For now, we strongly suggest taking the rumor with a grain of salt. Don’t expect to see time travel in the next Fast & Furious film. That being said, nothing is far-fetched for this franchise. While the outlet suggested that seeing the characters jump back to the early days of the first vehicles may be a neat idea for the franchise, that doesn’t sound much like what Fast & Furious would do.

In F9, they went ahead and had their characters speculate on why they seem to be unkillable, just begging for one of the characters to break the fourth wall and look directly into the camera. The Vin Diesel movie was full of its signature stunts that force the audience to ignore anything they were ever taught about psychics. The characters then teamed up with engineers and turned a regular vehicle into something that could go up into sub orbit. (They beat Jeff Bezos to it, even.)


Rather than traveling back in time, if Vin Diesel wants to see time travel in the upcoming films, it seems more likely that he’s suggesting they jump into the future. While it would seem like a daunting task to create new vehicles for the future, that’s exactly the kind of thing Fast & Furious does. In a more serious franchise they may need to create something realistic, but that’s not a problem this franchise has. They would have more freedom to create the most wild and fun vehicles for the future that they could think up. That sounds exactly like what this franchise is good for.

Why do fans love Fast & Furious movies? Wild car chases and themes of family are all super fun. Another important element is the franchise’s willingness to just go ahead and do the wildest things they can think of on-screen. So while there isn’t a lot of reason at this moment to believe that Vin Diesel is asking for time travel to be written into the plots of the next Fast & Furious movies, the truth is that absolutely any rumor that comes out sounds plausible for these films.