Vickie Guerrero’s Daughter Accuses Stepdad Of Sexual Assault, Vickie Responds In Heated Post

Former WWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero responded to her daughter's allegations of sexual abuse.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Hostility on the family front is never a good look, and things have gotten heated between former WWE General Manager Vickie Guerrero and her daughter with the legendary WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero, Sherilyn Guerrero, regarding sexual assault allegations that have recently surfaced, according to Wrestling News. Sherilyn Guerrero alleges that her step-father, Kris Benson, sexually assaulted her in 2020 while their family was on a cruise ship on vacation. Sherilyn posted a 10-minute TikTok video that reveals the struggle she’s had over the past few years, and how her mother abandoned her, stating that she needed to post the video to clear the air, and to heal.


I have waited so long and tried my hardest to put it all behind me but its time i start MY healing journey. Im done being silent, its not helping my mental health. I could never fit this into 3 minutes anyways so i feel the fact im allowed 10 minutes, well its the best way i can sum up everything. Please respect my family & i want nothing but love for them…. I am done being silent though while they go on not worried about me, its time i worry about myself ❤️

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However, there are two sides to every story, and Vickie Guerrero has since addressed the allegations on her Instagram account. Vickie goes on record, stating, “Not only myself but close friends of Sherilyn of over 10 years and family have cut ties with her because of her manic behaviors. I tried to do therapy with Sherilyn but she always said NO and that I am sick not her.”

Vickie Guerrero went on to say, “You want to play dirty and sling Kris and I thru the mud….I can play too. Are you enjoying the car that Kris bought you since you wrecked yours? I am so done with you and tired of the years of your manipulation, lies, and disrespect.”

The entire vitriolic statement that Vickie Guerrero put out elaborates on her strained relationship with her daughter and how there were attempts at family therapy to work through these issues privately up to this point. Though their relationship seems to be beyond the point of repair, considering that Vickie said that she will not only take her to court over these allegations, but they are no longer considered family.

Though there are always two sides to every story, more often than not, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. In other words, though there currently isn’t any evidence to substantiate Sherilyn’s claims, it’s important to hear out victims of sexual assault because it’s a serious matter that needs to be addressed and brought to justice, if true. But if this is in fact a manipulation tactic that’s being spun to put Vickie Guerrero and her husband in a negative light, then she’s right to be upset with her daughter.

Sherilyn’s cousin, WWE Superstar, and AEW wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr., fully supports her allegations against Kris Benson and Vickie Guerrero, however, stating that she’s incredibly brave for finally going public with her struggles with her family. Perhaps he will be the key to mediating this family feud when both parties are willing to communicate with one another.

Vickie Guerrero, who is most known for being a wrestling personality and manager, and in character she is quite antagonistic in the ring. But this is just a character she plays, and if she’s kept quiet for years, it does show us that she is capable of restraint. At this point in time, it’s difficult to tell if she’s in the right, and is rightfully angry with her daughter or if there is some truth to Sherilyn’s allegations, and she now has to face the music for siding with her husband despite his actions.

Whatever the truth may be in this specific scenario, it seems to us that Vickie Guerrero is holding firm in maintaining her husband’s innocence. If she does ultimately take Sherilyn to court, the discovery process could shed some new light on what truly caused this rift between mother and daughter. But for now, we’re hearing two very different sides to the same story, and hopefully, the truth will show itself in a way that can repair their relationship.