Tom Cruise Has Completely Abandoned His Daughter And Hasn’t Seen Her In A Decade?

Tom Cruise does not have a relationship with his daughter, Suri, allegedly because of Scientology.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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While Tom Cruise is perfectly willing to ditch the Oscars to join Michael Caine in birthday celebrations, it seems that’s not the only thing the Top Gun: Maverick star has abandoned. According to The Daily Mail, Cruise has not spoken to his daughter Suri in over a decade because of his ties to the Church of Scientology. However, despite his estranged relationship with Suri, the actor will still pay for her college tuition.

Tom Cruise shares his daughter Suri with his ex-wife Katie Holmes, although he hasn’t seen the 16-year-old girl in a decade, a year after Cruise and Holmes got divorced in 2012. Now in high school, Suri has begun applying for colleges, and though Cruise will have to pay for her entire college tuition, the Mission: Impossible actor has no say in where his daughter will go. According to The Daily Mail’s source, who is apparently close to Holmes, Cruise has “no part” in Suri’s life, as they haven’t spoken in 10 years, and Suri doesn’t watch Cruise’s movies. 

Seemingly, the rift between father and daughter happened when Suri was six years old. Like Nicole Kidman, Holmes divorced Tom Cruise because of his ties to Scientology, and Holmes didn’t want to raise their daughter in the church that Cruise is famously dedicated to. While Holmes did study Scientology and was a member of the church at one point, despite being raised Catholic, the actress left the church when she divorced Cruise, refusing to have her daughter raised in the controversial religion. 

While the divorce agreement forced Tom Cruise to have a financial hand in Suri’s life, the actor has not maintained a relationship with his daughter. According to the divorce, Cruise has had to send $400,000 in child support to Holmes every year in addition to paying for all of Suri’s medical costs. Now that Suri is applying for colleges (she is looking to study either fashion or music in New York City), the divorce settlement says that Cruise must cover all tuition costs as well. 

Self-described “Cult Whistleblower” Samantha Domingo wrote a book exposing the secrets of Scientology and discussed in an interview with US Weekly how Tom Cruise was not allowed to have a relationship with Suri because she is not a Scientologist. According to Domingo, the Church doesn’t acknowledge Suri as Cruise’s daughter since she doesn’t share the same religion. Instead, Suri is seen as a “spiritual being in Tom’s daughter’s body.”

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Evidently, Tom Cruise shares his religion’s beliefs about Suri because the actor has not attempted to maintain a relationship with her, despite remaining very close to his other children. During his marriage with Kidman, Cruise and Kidman adopted Isabella and Connor Cruise, both of whom were raised in the Church of Scientology, despite Kidman never being a member of the Church. Now, ages 30 and 28, respectively, both Isabella and Connor maintain a relationship with both of their parents. 

Although Suri grew up not knowing her famous father, Holmes claims that being raised by a single mother in New York had a major impact on who the young woman grew up to be. Described as “intelligent and mature,” Suri is talented in both fashion and music and sang part of the soundtrack for Holme’s 2022 rom-com, Alone Together.