Dexter: Original Sin Has No Blood In Its Veins Without Michael C. Hall

By Jason Collins | Updated

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In the most recent news, the Dexter prequel series, now officially called Dexter: Original Sin, has found its leads, and none of them is Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, the actor who portrayed the eponymous character in the original series. Instead, actor Patrick Gibson of The Portable Door and Shadow and Bone will portray young Dexter, and there’s no way Original Sin will have enough blood in its veins without Michael C. Hall, whose fantastic performance was nothing short of a masterclass in acting.

The Original Dexter

dexter michael c hall

Dexter was a massive hit upon release, as it followed the murderous adventures of Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst who collected, processed, and interpreted evidence for the Miami Metro Police Department during the day and Miami’s elusive serial killer who primarily targeted other murderers who had escaped justice.

While the premise of Dexter made it interesting, it was Michael C. Hall’s performance that made the series shine and capture the audience’s attention.

It Was Hall We All Tuned In To Watch

dexter michael c hall

Michael C. Hall’s iconic performance gave Dexter his chilling yet relatable personality, creating a character who, despite his gory and gruesome actions, still managed to command empathy and understanding.

It was Hall’s nuanced performance that introduced viewers to the inner workings of a man struggling with dark urges caused by childhood trauma. Dexter’s internal struggles, paired with Michael C. Hall’s ability to go back and forth from portraying a charming character to an absolute menace, is what made Dexter so compelling and the series so interesting to watch.

Nuance And Moral Ambiguity

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Not only that but the original series was also written in a way that made the viewers feel willingly complicit in Dexter’s moral conundrums. The character was a walking-talking paradox, and viewers found themselves rooting for a killer (essentially a bad guy) because he adhered to the strict code and had only targeted wrongdoers who had escaped justice.

Dexter’s moral complexity and ambiguity, along with Michael C. Hall’s performance, contributed to the overall reception of the show.

Hall Wouldn’t Work In A Prequel Anyway

Unfortunately, Dexter’s Michael C. Hall won’t be returning to his iconic role in Dexter: Original Sin, which means that the series will attempt to continue the original’s legacy without an actor whose iconic performance made the series popular in the first place.

To be entirely honest, there’s little point in Michael C. Hall playing a 15 years younger version of his own character, especially since the actor celebrated his 53rd birthday a few months back.

Hall Is At Least Attached To The Show

While Dexter’s Michael C. Hall won’t star in the upcoming series, he is attached to the project as an executive producer of the prequel show. So, we can, at the very least, expect him to breathe some of his charm into the upcoming series if he’s not appearing in it.