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At one time she was considered to be one of the most photographed kids on the planet. But when your father is one of the most recognizable and profitable actors in Hollywood and your mother first made her name on a little series called Dawson’s Creek, it was bound to happen. Throw a bit of Scientology into the mix and you have yourself Suri Cruise, daughter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

What is Suri Cruise up to and are we still to believe that after all this time, she has zero relationship with her father? Let’s find out.


When Suri Cruise’s parents first met, Tom had already been twice married and twice divorced. Tom’s first marriage was to actress Mimi Rogers in May of 1987. That one lasted three years before, if rumors are to be believed, Scientology played a large part in their dissolution of marriage.

It wasn’t long (months actually) before Cruise met his second wife, Nicole Kidman, while they were filming Days of Thunder. This 1990 marriage for Cruise lasted much longer than his first and during their 11-year hitch, Cruise and Kidman adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. Cruise filed for divorce in 2001.

For the next four or so years, Tom Cruise decided marriage wasn’t for him, although he did have a three-year relationship with Penélope Cruz, whom he met on the set of Vanilla Sky. The end came, if again you wish to believe conjecture, as Scientology again reared its ugly head. According to rumor and Vanity Fair, Scientologists then held “auditions” of Scientologist actresses that would be a good fit for Cruise. This resulted in a very brief relationship between Cruise and British-Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi.

It wasn’t until 2005 that Tom Cruise began to date Suri Cruise’s mother, Katie Holmes. They began dating in April of that year and by the end of that month, they both went public with their relationship. Barely a month later, Tom Cruise acted a complete fool on The Oprah Winfrey Show when he professed his love for Katie Holmes. Cruise was there to promote his new film, War of the Worlds, but instead had this reaction.

As seen many times in the past, Cruise’s relationship with Suri’s mother moved quickly. Not with the marriage part, but only a few months later, Cruise and Holmes announced that they were pregnant. In April 2006, Suri Cruise was born.


When you are born to one of the top actors of our generation and a mother who has had a major success of her own in Tinsel Town, the spotlight tends to get very bright. This was the case for Suri Cruise as an infant.

Cameras followed Holmes all over the place, snapping pictures here, taking videos there. The fact that Scientology was now a big part of their lives (Holmes began studying Scientology shortly after she and Cruise began dating) also meant that the Scientology light was also being shined upon them.

For five and a half years, this is how Suri Cruise and her family lived. Photographers and Scientology. After a while, it had to start becoming a nuisance. In June 2012, it all boiled over and Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise. Through it all and Holmes’ main reason for the split was the fear of what Scientology would do to Suri. She decided she didn’t want Suri Cruise to grow up any longer in that environment and needed to make the break.

To Katie Holmes, her fears were real. She kept Suri Cruise locked away for some time, scared that Scientology goons would sweep in and take Suri. While living in New York (where they still make their home) Katie put her plush 7th Avenue apartment managers on full alert to either Cruise showing up or any other strangers who might try to enter the building.

According to the New York Post, there was a time shortly after the divorce that a Cadillac Escalade was parked across the street, filled with men taking pictures and questioning anyone who entered the building. NYPD cops were called and proceeded to question the men and observed them before the men finally took off.


Before Cruise and Holmes parted, Suri Cruise lived in Calabasas, California. There, she went to a private elementary school. By all accounts, she was a happy child although Scientology played a part in her early years.

After the divorce and Holmes taking Suri Cruise to New York to live, Suri went to school at a private academy in Manhattan where she thrived. But the one thing she was missing in her life was her father. According to the divorce agreement, Cruise was given 10 days per month to see Suri.

Sadly, he has chosen not to see her. According to sources, the reason for this is that she is no longer a Scientologist. The divorce settlement also has Tom Cruise paying Katie Holmes over $33,000 a month for child support. No wonder Suri Cruise is now attending the most expensive private high school in America. You can see some of the timeline growing up below.


This is the big unknown. By all appearances, Suri has zero relationship with the megastar. He has not been seen in public with Suri in over a decade and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. But while Suri has not been seen with Tom publicly, this does not mean he has not seen her in private.


For all intents and purposes, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are best friends. They are often seen “cruising” the streets of New York, enjoying time together. But now that Suri Cruise has had her 16th birthday, she is beginning to step out a little more on her own with friends. The paparazzi continue to eat it up.


Although Suri Cruise is a happy high school student, she does appear to be following in her parent’s footsteps when it comes to entertainment. In fact, mom Katie is very anxious to show off her daughter’s talents, so much so that she’s enlisted Suri to be part of Katie’s newest film.

The film, Alone Together, is one that Holmes wrote, directed, and starred in and tells the story of two people who are in the middle of bad relationships and end up at the same upstate New York Airbnb together. Where Suri Cruise comes in is when the opening credits roll. The song is a cover of “Blue Moon” and the voice behind the song is Suri Cruise.

Suri Cruise lives a private life. She is not on social media, though her mother doesn’t have an issue posting pictures of Suri on her own Instagram account. You can see one below that Holmes posted when Suri turned 15.

Where Suri’s relationship with her father goes only time will tell. Thankfully, she has a great support system in Katie Holmes and that appears to be making a difference in her life. Listening to her rendition of Blue Moon, there is no doubt she is talented. It will be interesting to see what Suri Cruise does with that talent.

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