Leaker Claims Twitter Employees Barely Work, Are All Communists

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

deleting twitter

Elon Musk has been attempting to purchase Twitter for the past couple of weeks, though the world’s richest man has put everything on hold. He demands that the social media platform get rid of the massive number of users that are bots are fake. He claims that less than 5% of users on the site are real people. He doesn’t believe buying the platform for what was agreed on should happen anymore unless all the bots on the site are removed. However, now something more could keep Musk from moving forward on this acquisition. A worker at Twitter was shown on video exposing the social media app, claiming that the workers there behave more like communists than capitalists. The Twitter leaker also claims that the platform does not believe in free speech. You can see this leak below:

This Senior Engineer at Twitter claims that the app is more concerned with silencing people who are on the right side of the political spectrum, but not those who are extremists on the right side of the political spectrum. He also claims that Elon Musk believes in free speech, and that is why his purchasing of the app has caused a lot of grief within the organization. The worker also states that capitalists always look for money to be made in any given situation, but most of those who work for the social media app take an exuberant amount of time off. The Twitter leaker also stated that he worked “four hours last quarter.” That is an insanely low amount of work to be done if someone is being paid thousands of dollars a year.

Elon Musk did state that he planned to do away with permanent bans, and would even bring back Donald Trump, who is the most hated figure on Twitter. Musk stated these free speech issues just days ago, and now this Twitter leaker and engineer for the social media app is claiming that free speech doesn’t exist on the platform currently. This is surely a huge coincidence, but it does not look good for Twitter currently. If the app is meant to continue to be sold to Musk, he might have even more leverage on the company to lower its original asking price. Musk also stated that if his demands are not met, he will happily back out and take the one billion dollar hit that would incur from this failed acquisition.

Twitter has been known to be a place where plenty of people voice their opinions on a great many subjects. However, silencing extremists on the right side of the political spectrum and none on the left could cause a massive rift between Elon Musk and his want to truly bring free speech to the world’s biggest social media platform. This Twitter leaker does not mince his words about how things at the platform have changed since Musk threw his hat in the ring. There seems to be more drama unfolding in this buyout on a weekly basis, and things might get worse before they get better.