See Sydney Sweeney Stretch Out In The Sun

Sydney Sweeney is enjoying the nice spring weather in Los Angeles, according to her latest Instagram post.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

sydney sweeney

Like a cat basking in the rays of the afternoon sun, Sydney Sweeney’s latest Instagram post has her taking in some relaxing stretches while soaking that sweet, sweet Vitamin D. While she may not be in a bathing suit this time around, The White Lotus star is dressed for spring weather in LA, donning a pair of blue jeans and a cropped white shirt. In the video, which you can see below, the critically celebrated actress takes a deep breath of that smog-filled Los Angeles air with the city’s skyline captured in the background.

It’s been a busy year for the actress as her quick rise to fame has dropped a lot of work in her lap. It was just a few years ago that Sydney Sweeney was taking on smaller roles in films like Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood before landing stand-out parts in Sam Levinson’s Euphoria and the first season of Mike White’s celebrated anthology series, The White Lotus. After nabbing some Emmy nominations for her performance in both productions, Sweeney’s phone has been ringing non-stop with filmmakers and producers eager to tap the young star’s talent. 

While we may be just a few months into 2023, Sydney Sweeney has already dropped two films: Reality and Americana, both holding their premieres at celebrated festivals. The first title saw her starring as the titular character in a true story about a woman who faced harrowing repercussions after shedding light on Russia’s interference with the 2016 election. Meanwhile, Americana saw Sweeney star opposite Paul Walter Hauser in a crime thriller written and directed by Tony Tost.

sydney sweeney

Marvel fans have been looking forward to further news surrounding Sydney Sweeney’s MCU takeover as the actress was recently tapped to join the star-studded team behind Madame Web. In the film, Sweeney will join the likes of Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts and will star as Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman. While not much is known about the film’s plot, we’re less than a year from its February 2024 release date, meaning that more information and first looks are bound to be on the way. 

As for her small screen career, things have been kept rather hush-hush for the upcoming third season of Euphoria. Since taking off in 2019, the series, which along with Sydney Sweeney, also stars Zandaya and Jacob Elordi, has been a major hit for HBO. Audiences were kept in the lurch as the anticipated second season was held up by COVID, holding its release back until 2022.

Although audiences were held over by two specials centered around the show’s main protagonists, they were eager to feast their eyes on the next chapter about the complicated lives of the story’s teens. While her character took mostly a backseat role in the first season, Sydney Sweeney’s Cassie Howard received a major arc in the show’s second season. While we know there’s a third season on the way (at least that’s what we’ve been told!) there’s no telling when we can expect to see the gang back together for Euphoria’s next installment.