See Kathryn Newton In A See-Through Gown Covered In Glass At Ant-Man Premiere

Kathryn Newton showed off her Quantum see-through dress for the premiere of Ant-Man 3.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Sometimes, you feel so cute that you’re in no danger of deleting the pics later. That was certainly the case with Kathryn Newton, who posed for some smoking-hot pictures on the red carpet at the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania premiere. And she was kind enough to share the sexy images on Twitter, letting us see her rocking a see-through gown that is covered in glass.

Perhaps the best thing about these Kathryn Newton pictures is that she’s having fun striking a slightly different pose in each one of them. In the first image, she is screaming seemingly in excitement at the premiere of her hit new film. In the second image, she offers a more traditional smile for the cameras, although there is mischief in her eyes worthy of an up-and-coming Marvel superhero.

In the third image of Kathryn Newton, she tries to strike a more serious pose. However, the mischievous look remains and combined with her attempt at a pout, comes across as much more silly than serious. And she rounds the images out with a final picture of herself smiling with a kind of beatific beauty.

It’s easy to see why Kathryn Newton just can’t stop smiling on the red carpet. After all, this isn’t the premiere of just any other movie. In the next Ant-Man film, it looks like she steps up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like she never has before.

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And at this point, we wouldn’t blame her if she’s just happy to be there. If you don’t know, Kathryn Newton is the third actor to portray Scott Lang’s daughter, Cassie, replacing Emma Fuhrmann who, in Avengers: Endgame, replaced Abby Ryder Fortson to show how the character had grown up during the time Scott was inside the Quantum Realm. Now, it looks like Marvel was interested in getting a bigger name for the role of Cassie Lang, and since Newton is riding high on the success of her roles in everything from Freaky to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, it makes sense to snag this rising star for onscreen superhero duties.

Why is it important to have a bigger name like Kathryn Newton for the future of the MCU? Unlike the comics they are based on, the Marvel movies have had to deal with the reality of stars getting older, and this means that characters are increasingly getting killed or otherwise retired. The next Ant-Man film could very well be a swan song for Scott Lang, but even if he’s still around in some way in the future, Marvel obviously wants to have a younger character who can step into his boots for future Avengers films and solo movies.

In other words, Kathryn Newton likely has a long and productive relationship with Marvel ahead of her, and that’s reason enough to show the world both her sexiest dress and her biggest smile. It’s also only fitting to see her striking these glorious poses in front of an oversized picture of her MCU character. Just one more reminder that this rising star, like the character she portrays onscreen, is larger-than-life in every single way.