See Hailee Steinfeld In A Completely See-Through Dress

Hailee Steinfeld stuns in a completely see-through dress in new images she posted to her Instagram.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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Hailee Steinfeld is flaunting her figure in a recent Instagram post. The Hawkeye actress closes her eyes and makes a kissy face at the camera in the first of five pictures, baring her cleavage in a lacy black dress and a necklace with a chunky silver charm. The next pic shows us the full outfit, complete with lacy, see-through gloves to match, as well as knee-high, pointed-toe boots. In other photos, she also poses with a black coat overtop her sultry outfit, perhaps in preparation to go outside and show it off.

For some, seeing Hailee Steinfeld showing off in such an “adult” outfit may seem a bit odd, since she is best known for playing teenagers. In her breakout role as Mattie Ross in True Grit back in 2010, for instance, the actress played a 14-year-old girl whose father is murdered. She asks Rooster Cogburn (played by Jeff Bridges in a role made famous by John Wayne) to help her track down his murderer.

She was so convincing in this role that she received worldwide recognition for it and even earned her first Oscar nomination for it in 2011. 

In 2017, Hailee Steinfeld played another teenager in The Edge of Seventeen, another film that put her in some famous company. The film also starred Woody Harrelson and Kyra Sedgwick, but it was Steinfeld herself who got most of the accolades for it. 

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After roles in Romeo & Juliet, Ender’s Game, and Barely Lethal, she began to play slightly older characters in films like Bumblebee, Pitch Perfect 2 and 3, and Charlie’s Angels, proving that her talent was more than equal to her youthfulness. 

According to IMDb, Hailee Steinfeld is 27 years old. She was born on December 11, 1996, in California, to parents Peter Steinfeld, a personal trainer, and Cheri Steinfeld, an interior designer.

Hailee Steinfeld caught the acting bug at a young age, acting in several small parts in short films to hone her talent. In spite of the fact that she didn’t come to the world’s attention until she starred in True Grit, she actually began gaining accolades the year before that, when she played Talia Alden in She’s a Fox, a short comedy in which a fifth grader puts it all out there to win the girl of his dreams, even his beloved mullet.

Recently, though, Hailee Steinfeld has been more focused on series than films. From 2019 to 2021, she portrayed a teenaged Emily Dickinson in AppleTV+’s Dickinson, and in 2021 she played Hawkeye’s protege in the Disney+ series based on the titular Marvel character. 

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to being an accomplished actress, Hailee Steinfeld is also an accomplished musician. She released her debut single, “Love Myself,” in 2015, right after releasing a duet, acoustic version of Shawn Mendes’ smash hit single “Stitches.” “Love Myself” caught everyone’s attention right away, not just for the message of empowerment it projected, but also for its suggestive lyrics that may or may not have had a double meaning, making music just one more thing she is great at.

As for what’s on the horizon, Hailee Steinfeld is set to reprise her role as the voice of Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse later this year. She also recently released new music in 2022, including a new single called “Coast.” So, this young-at-heart actress is definitely keeping herself busy!