Sarah Silverman And Other Celebrities Go Naked To Spread A Message

By Ross Bonaime | 9 months ago

sarah silverman feature

Sarah Silverman and a cavalcade of celebrities went and got naked to motivate you to vote.

Along with Sarah Silverman, celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Chris Rock, and Tiffany Haddish have all stripped down to help inform how to vote through a mail-in ballot. The video from RepresentUs explains that there are three things that people need to know when voting by mail for the election: follow all instructions carefully, mail or drop off your ballot as soon as possible, and be sure to be careful when it comes to envelopes. In states like Pennsylvania, ballots must be placed in both inner and outer envelopes. If the instructions aren’t followed when it comes to these envelopes, it is called a naked ballot. Hence why Josh Gad is naked and explaining vote-by-mail to you.

Even more than Sarah Silverman, the star of this video is probably Borat, played by Sasha Baron Cohen, who appears completely clothed in his iconic dirty gray suit. When asked to strip down, he mentions, “But I have chram like can of Pepsi. Is problem?” Never change, Borat. Never change.

Along with the Sarah Silverman video, RepresentUs has also recently released videos of various dictators discussing democracy in deepfake videos, starring Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin. Their site also includes other recent videos about their plans and solutions to political corruption starring Omar Epps, Michael Douglas and Jennifer Aniston. Keep in mind, however, all three keep their clothes on throughout these videos.

RepresentUs is a nonprofit organization founded by Josh Silver and Joshua Graham Lynn in November 2012 that, according to their site, “We bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful state and local laws that fix our broken elections and stop political bribery. Our strategy is central to ending political corruption, extremism and gridlock.” RepresentUs also features a “Cultural Council” of celebrities to help reach voters through the world of entertainment. Along with Sarah Silverman’s contribution, this council includes such actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Black and Kerry Washington, directors Spike Jonze, J.J. Abrams, and Adam McKay, and musicians like Sia, and Ben Harper.

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RepresentUs’ campaigns so far have included The American Anti-Corruption Act, which attempts to limit the amount of money in American politics by trying to overhaul campaign finance laws. The group has also supported multiple Anti-Corruption Acts and Resolutions in both the 2016 and 2018 elections. In 2018, RepresentUs help its first conference in New Orleans, known as the “Unrig Summit.” Their 2019 conference in Nashville, according to RepresentUs, was the largest national event to address underlining causes of United States government dysfunction. The event featured speakers like Emma Gonzalez, United Nations official Kate Gilmore, and former Saturday Night Live cast member, Sasheer Zamata.

In addition to getting Sarah Silverman and many other celebrities naked to help explain vote-by-mail, RepresentUs also features a handy map and guide to help best explain the vote-by-mail procedures for each state. It’s nice to see celebrities use their platforms to encourage voting. If you want to vote from home, and do so naked, this is an excellent tool to get your ballot in without having to put on a single piece of clothing. And please, don’t hand in your ballot or go to your mailbox naked. You’ll have to put SOME clothes on to do that, at least.